I’ll continue with connecting covers next week probably but I found some more hip hop homages I wanted to highlight this week. I don’t think I’ve done any of these yet since they are pretty new…if I have I apologize profusely!

1569442_xlGreat Lakes Avengers 1 6844a264d6d15e3ac892675243bd5eb5-500x500x1MC Lyte: Lyte As A Rock
I actually thought MC Lyte was a very good lyricist. Unfortunately when she was rapping female MC’s didn’t get much respect so I don’t think she got the recognition she deserved.
1577120_xlAvengers 1 093652307222 Live Crew: Move Something
This one’s a little weird to me. Spider-Man is supposed to be the woman in the bathing suit? I’m uncomfortable with this…
1569452_xlDr. Strange and the Sorceres Supreme 1 schoolboy_q_blank_face_lp_coverSchoolboy Q: Blank Face
I haven’t read the first issue of Dr. Strange yet and I’m not completely familiar with Schoolboy Q’s work so I’ll just keep my big trap shut on this one.
1577163_xlFoolkiller 1 the-great-milenko-4dce97c406978Insane Clown Posse: The Great Milenko
I am freaked out by clowns and ICP scares the crap out of me. Just sayin…
1569447_xlSolo 1 actionbronson-rareAction Bronson: Rare Chandeliers
Action Bronson is someone who I probably would have listened to if he was around during my high school years. I mean the guy has a huge beard and is wearing a wolf on his head. What’s not to like?
1569439_xlBlack Panther 7 king-mez-long-live-frontKing Mez: Long Live The King
This one seems appropriate…King Mez and the King of Wakanda!
1577142_xlOccupy Avengers 1 9d6d495d1e184c68621fa039c0f6547f-1000x1000x1Capone N Noreaga: The War Report
I could never listen to Noreaga…he was always spelling his name. Was he worried he was going to forget it?
1569433_xlProwler 1 tech-n9ne-sickology-101Tech N9ne: Sickology 101
I’m confused by the Prowler’s place in the Marvel Universe. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? I think he’s confused too.
1577128_xlUnworthy Thor 1 de-la-soul-is-deadDe La Soul: De La Soul Is Dead
The second De La Soul album to be copied by Marvel. The cover of the album is signifying the death of DAISY(Da Inner Soul Y’all). Apparently, De La Soul were labled as hippies in the rap community and they didn’t like that. So there!


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