Venom License to Kill #3 – August 1997

venom_license_to_kill_vol_1_3Welcome Back to Covers from the Unknown for another fun-filled Friday! Thanks for checking back in. Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Venom has a new series coming out soon! With that series, there are some amazing covers coming out with it! (i.e. see Simon Payne!) Well this got me looking into my Venom PC and digging out some of my favorite covers. One that I have always loved, that does not seem to have the following of other iconic covers is Venom: License to Kill #3, from August 1997, by Josh Hood and Derec Aucoin. Plain and simple, this cover, is the thing of nightmares. It's one of those covers that will leave little kids up at night…..or even bigger kids! You can almost hear him snarling at you!

Back in the 90's, you know print runs were off the charts. So, a print run in the low 20k's, for that time, is pretty low! You might be able to find these in $1 bins, but finding one in high grade might be extremely difficult. Our regular on-line stores have NM copies of this comic in the $10-$20 range. Could this one take off? I think it could. It's an amazing cover, and I have never found one of these in the wild, so there is a chance they are a little more rare than I think. Good luck and Happy Hunting ladies and gentlemen!


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