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As we have another weekly picks article now, I thought I would play a bit with the format of this column. Don't be fooled by the title (Marvel should have taught you the lesson by now), it's a bit hyperbolic. Let me know what you think …

Picks of the Week

Superman #10Superman #10

Possibly the best thing in Rebirth is that they are taking their sweet time developing Superman and Superboy. Supersons is getting closer and this issue starts setting it up with the first meeting between Jonathan and Damian. Missing this is not a possibility!!!

Avengers #1Avengers #1

Marvel renumberings are already becoming an old joke. We get it, every few months each series needs a #1 that's going to be a collector's classic. Can we make Marvel comics interesting again please? Mark Waid, the amazing art of Mike Del Mundo and a very strange Avengers line-up seems to think so!

Motro #1Motro #1

I haven't followed everything Ulises Fariñas has put out, but what I have read I really liked. This reminds me of his Gamma and it looks epic in scope, so I am all for it. Expect this to have a smallish print run and a serious chance of getting people's interest.

Strange Fruit #4Strange Fruit #4

Wow! Can't even remember when the last issue came out but it must have been at least 4 months ago? It will all be worth it to see J. G. Jones' amazingly detailed art, so if you like Jones (or good stories) take a look.

Animosity #3 Tony Harris VariantAnimosity #3 Tony Harris Variant

Possibly the hottest new book of the year, it looks like there's nothing stopping this series for now. This issue has a few store exclusive variants, but the official variant by Tony Harris is pretty awesome too!

Motor Girl #1Motor Girl #1

Terry Moore has his followers but he also has the eye of the film industry. It seems that all his latest projects are either optioned or in development, so why would this be any different? Strong women adventures seems like the last frontier in comics.

Cerebus in Hell?Cerebus in Hell?

A couple of weeks ago it was Love & Rockers, this week it's Cerebus who's back (for the first time since 2004). It will be interesting to see if any Cerebus virgin readers pick this up. If you are not familiar with Cerebus and get to read this, please let us know.

Flash Gordon King's Cross #1Flash Gordon King's Cross #1

Dynamite has been putting out some great stories with these characters. I've never really been a huge Flash Gordon fan (unless we are talking about the instant-kitsch movie), but I guess they are putting the name on top to try to sell more comics. We all know Mandrake is the real star here.

Southern Bastards #15Southern Bastards #15

New arc! And like every time a new arc starts, I feel tempted to drop the TPBs and get on with the story … but I need to be strong! This is one of the best books out there!

Foolkiller #1 Rob Liefeld VariantFoolkiller #1 Rob Liefeld Variant

New Mercs For Hire spin-off series, new Liefeld cover with Deadpool. I think the chance that this cover sets the market on fire is very remote, but if you are a Liefeld fan (can we call ourselves “brofelds”?), know that it's out there.

Some Cool Covers

I think it's probably a good idea to put this apart from the section above because I am including these just because of the covers … I know, I know I put Walking Dead is in this section, but (shock!) I don't really follow the series, I really dig the Arthur Adams covers though.

Aquaman #10 Josh Middleton VariantAquaman #10 Josh Middleton Variant Green Lanterns #10Green Lanterns #10 Emanuela Lupacchino Variant
Spider-Man 2099 #17Spider-Man 2099 #17 by Francesco Mattina Walking Dead #160 Arthur Adams VariantWalking Dead #160 Arthur Adams Variant

Cover Swipe of the Week

I have been including cover swipes every once in a while so I thought I would make it official 🙂

Al Milgrom homages Jack Kirby and himself as he inked the original cover back in the day.

Rom #4 Al Milgrom VariantRom #4 Al Milgrom Variant Iron Man #80Iron Man #80

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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