Bizarro’s One for 11/2/16


Bizarro very late on deadline because so many cover Bizarro like last week.

1575040_xlBatman Vol 3 #10 Cover B

Bizarro not understand. Catwoman is strong in comics. She must not have Rebirth Super strength, how else she leave safe in wall?

1575052_xlCyborg Vol 2 #4 Cover A

This very exciting cover! It look nothing like DJ Escher. So few cyborg inside cyborg head maze. Bizarro head not full of Bizarro inside.

1567596_xlBetty & Veronica Holiday Annual Digest #248

Bizarro love 3d cover. Bizarro can not imagine It so life like. Everything look like puffy sticker that Bizarro not have as adult. Look out floating Archie head, Betty try steal your eye hearts!

1592098_xlChampions Vol 2 #2 Cover F

Champion all very huge on cover, or very close… Bizarro not sure, Bizarro might not need glasses. Bizarro not pet Champion like huge bugs. Bizarro buy and find out why they so close.

1575265_xlDeath Of X #3 Cover A

Bizarro not sure why x face man touching self while earth melts hand on to bone. Lady head growing out side of x-face, it not look bad X-face. Bizarro not judge.

1577162_xlFoolkiller Vol 3 #1 Cover B

Bizarro understand. Wif so few padding fool will be dead? Bizarro not think he should start with self. He have much harder time. Bizarro kidding, Bizarro love fool.

1530727_xlProphet Earth War #6

Bizarro is mesmerized by cover detail art. Art make Bizarro want many copies for investment. Bizarro get none of copies he can't find, all 1.0 copies for grading.

1592115_xlRevolution #4 Cover H

Bizarro most love cover of week. Happy Micronauts dance wif flying car make Bizarro want to buy, there are so many cover but this Bizarro favorite each month.

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