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patternThe first time I did Finding the Pattern, I wrote about some of Adam Hughes' Catwoman covers. Right now, a lot of those covers are priced higher than they were and all of the Hughes art on the Catwoman run has been looked through a microscope by speculators to determine if they are valuable or not. Let’s just say that the dice are cast on these already.

BUT…I am sure you know there are A LOT of other great Hughes covers out there just waiting for love. So this time, we will try to look where the market isn’t and try to find you some great covers to invest in.

Hughes had a great cover run for the second volume of Wonder Woman. He did the covers for #139-146, 150-161, 164-174, 176-178, and 184-197. I expect some of these covers to see a nice bump when the market will stop obsessing over the Catwoman run and realize how good the art is on these too. So here are my picks!

188-1Wonder Woman Vol.2 #188
Value: $15
Print Run: 24,892

The art is simply brilliant! It is a Hughes cover like you have never seen before. The fact that it’s a black cover makes it even more interesting, since we all know how hard it is to find a near mint copy of a book like this. I honestly think that this is the one to go for. The market is saturated with covers that look the same and I think the key to invest these days is to find something that stands out. So here you have it: Adam Hughes, Wonder Woman, black cover, relatively low print run and an art style that is beautiful and simple while different from the usual AH cover. Keep an eye on this one!

Wonder Woman #154

Wonder Woman Vol.2 #154
Value: $10
Print Run: 23,593

Supergirl & The Legion of Super-Heroes #23

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-heroes #23 1:10 Variant
Value: $350
Print Run: 4,153

This cover might seem a bit familiar if you know what might be the hottest Hughes cover on the market: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-heroes #23 (I really think that the market loves this comic not only for its scarcity, but also because of the art itself). Sure, there are no gorgeous colors on the background of Wonder Woman, but the pose and the art are very similar and I think that speculators will love to collect a more affordable option to LOSH 23, with a different character no less!  I don’t think it will skyrocket as much as Supergirl, but the white background surely makes it hard to find in near mint condition.

All in all, if you look at what happened with the Hughes Catwoman run, I think it's safe to say that the same thing can happen with his Wonder Woman run. These covers are not as known as his Catwoman pieces and the buyers like fresh meat. The only question is knowing which comic will be the most valuable. At the moment, it is Wonder Woman Vol.2 #184, going for $60 with a print run of 26,518, but do you think it will stay that way? Let me know what you think, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!

Wonder Woman #184

Wonder Woman Vol.2 #184
Value: $60
Graded 9.8: $200
Print Run: 26,518


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    I agree with you these issues are amazing and have some meat on them to go up. Some of his other wonder woman covers are amazing. I’ve been hunting his run for the past year. Disclosure I do own some of the issues I am going to mention. Here are the ones I thing will see some love.

    141 – Wonder Woman & Superman love cover. I remember the JL 12 cover going crazy when it came out.
    146 – Love the pose
    151 – Didn’t Frank Cho get in trouble for showing panties. What about this cover showing some back side.
    152 – Don’t mess with this woman. She’s ready to kick some butt.
    157 – This chick is on fire!!!!
    166 – Adam draws Batman on the cover and Phil Jimenez doing the insides
    168 – Seeing her an a different position (UP)
    178 – My wife loves this one. I’m sure other women will too.
    186 – Not just one girl on the cover but 3. Also black cover makes it look amazing.
    189 – White cover makes the red stand out more. This is my favorite cover.
    197 – Adam does the Flash and the fire background looks really cool.

    Good luck finding them. These issues have been missing in many of my locals back issues bins.

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    I like the 154 pick. People definitely started picking up cheap copies during the Catwoman craze.

  • dpiercy

    My fav Hughes’ WW covers are:

    184 – love this cover and I have one in 9.8

    600 variant – sold one of these last year; it was a gem in my collection.

    Sensation 4 – surprised this one isn’t more expensive than it is. I guess the print run must be large.

    Honorable mention: WW 141.

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    Some sweet covers. There is also a magazine Comic Book Artist #21 that features Hughes. I flipped through one at my lcs, and need to go back to buy. I remember that there were plenty of his covers in the sketch stage inside. Not sure how many out there, but I can only find 1 on ebay, and that is in a set.

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