Variant Heat Check: Halloween Special Edition



1) X-23 #2 Mayhew Vampire Variant

One of the hottest characters around takes the top spot with this spooky vampire variant. Mike Mayhew certainly knocked it out of the park with the majority of his vampire variants.


2) Friday the 13th #1 Bradstreet variant

What would a Halloween edition be without one of the top horror movie stars making an appearance? In this case, it’s Jason Vorhees from the crazy slasher movie Friday the 13th! The Jason mask must be one of the most recognized costumes there is for Halloween.


3) The Man with No Name #1 Suydam variant

Clint Eastwood as a Zombie!!! Only the legendary zombie king Arthur Sydam could pull that one off.


4) Zombie Tramp vs Dollface free Halloween Comicfest Variant

Zombie Tramp’s first appearance has sky rocketed, so why can’t Dollface? OK, so this is not her first appearance (she first appeared in the Diamond Retailers Summit variant given away at Baltimore Comic Con), but it is a cool fight that’s so appropriate for Halloween Comicfest!


5) Vampirella Strikes #1 Manara variant

One of my favorite cover artists does a great job of combining sexy and gory with his rendition of Vampirella.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


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