Weekly Picks for Comic Books Releasing November 2, 2016


When long-time CBSI member Brian started his own site with all those amazing videos about his weekly picks (and a lot more), it immediately caught our attention. When the possibility to have those videos at our site came along, we jumped at it.

In case you are wondering why (or even if) we need another weekly picks article, the answer is really simple: the art of predicting the future is subjective and we feel that the more info we give you the more ready you will be come Wednesday. Also, it gives me (as writer of The Wednesday One) a bit of leeway to focus on books that may have no spec value whatsoever but look like good reads or just go even more ranty when I feel like it. We'll see!

Join me in welcoming Brian to the team and if you like his videos, please go over to http://simplemanscomics.com/ for more insight on everything comic related!!!


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