Charity Raffle Results

The raffle was run on Saturday but some of you have contacted us because you couldn't find the winners, so here's the video with the raffle being run (if you don't want to watch the video, the full list of winners is down below, with enough spoiler warnings, hopefully):

spoiler-alertspoiler-alertspoiler-alertspoiler-alertspoiler-alertSome people like watching the video, that's why we're doing this … Anyway here's the full list of winners, For the ones that haven't contacted us yet, please do using Google Hangouts … Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took part!!!

  1. C. Mcleod- Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / Heroes For Sale Color & B&W covers of Dell’Otto Ghost Rider #1
  2. Patrick Purcell- Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / Heroes For Sale Color & B&W covers of Dell’Otto Venom #1
  3. Will Borgdon- Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / 7 ate 9 / The Comic Mint Full set (color, B&W and secret variants) Siya Oum Hulk #1
  4. Joe Sebourn- Drew Lujan C3P0 #1 Red Arm Variant
  5. Ryan Shandala- Shabby Gaming Harley Quinn: Rebirth Artgerm Legacy Variant
  6. Denny Cox- James Goodwin Walking Dead #99, 100 & 108
  7. Jim Begley- James Goodwin Siege #2 Dell’Otto variant, Detective Comics #859 (Jock) and 860 (Ross) variants
  8. Rush Patel- Khoi Cakes Moon Knight #1 CBCS 9.8 Rudy variant
  9. JD Stevens- Glenn Chiasson Black Panther #1 B&W Bulletproof variant and Catwoman #70
  10. By LaLita- Nicc Thompson Captain America #15 1:50 Mattina Variant
  11. Paul Wiederhold- Matt Skill Paper Girls #1 signed x4 with COA
  12. David Reed- Steve Laprade Star Wars #1 CGC 9.0 (cracked case, but grade can be improved with a press)
  13. Brad Allen- Johnny Casper Amazing Spider-Man 9 & 10 variants X-Force: Sex & Violence 2 2nd print variant
  14. Marq Romero- M&M Comics (Contact Inigo) set of variants (including New 52 Batman #1 M&M / ACCC Con variant LTD 1000 by Greg Capullo, Amazing Spider-Man #1 Black Cat / Deadpool variant by Terry & Rachel Dodson, Archie #1 variant by Dave Dorman, Archie #1 variant by Chris Foreman, Betty & Veronica #1 by Dave Dorman, Betty & Veronica #1 by Michael Locoduck Duron, Dark Knight Master Race #1 color and sketch by Dave Dorman, Death of Wolverine #1 M&M / ACCC Con variant by Terry & Rachel Dodson, Star Wars #1 by Dave Dorman and Star Wars Vader Down #1 color and sketch by Dave Dorman).
  15. C.L. Bator- M&M Comics (Contact Inigo) Animosity #3 Color (LTD 250) & Sketch (LTD 75) set by Kelsey Shannon.
  16. Sean Esmende- M&M Comics (Contact Inigo) Archie #1 and Star Wars #1 Dave Dorman variants signed by Dave Dorman.
  17. Hugh Jones- FanExpo (Contact Inigo) Batman Adventures #12 variants by Bruce Timm. This set includes 3 versions: Color, B&W and the virgin color version
  18. Matt Skill- Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / 7 Ate 9 Comics full set of Star Wars: Dr. Aphra #1 variants


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