Marko Djurdjevic’s Connecting Covers

I’m not sure what it is about Marko Djurdjevic’s work that I like so much but I’m hoping some of his beautiful covers get more notoriety in the future. Below are some great connecting covers he did a few years ago for various titles.

PS – I would like to thank Trey for laying down for me in our fantasy football matchup. He knew I needed the win more than he did. Thanks again Trey 😉

sixmorevodka-01-avengers-poster-panorama-marvel-art-by-marko-djurdjevicAvengers #1 / Avengers Academy #1 / Avengers Prime #1 / Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1 / New Avengers #1 / Secret Avengers #1  – In 2010, when Marvel restarted a lot of the Avengers books, Marko did a 1:25 variant for each book that connected. Above is the resulting image.

jcpdzw3Amazing Spider-Man 642-647 – Same as the Avengers Puzzle only this time for Spidey and his villains

ca_markoironmanInvincible Iron Man 500-502 + Iron Man 2.0 1-3 – Same as the above two examples only now Iron Man is the subject.

ultimate-fallout-1-6-mdUltimate Fallout 1-6 Variants – We all know 4 is the big one here but the rest form another pretty awesome image.

81ugkpfvrl-_sl1500_Daken: Dark Wolverine 4 / Uncanny X-Force 3 / Wolverine 4 / Wolverine:The Best There is 1-2 / X-23 4 – The X-23 and Daken variants are 1:75. The others are 1:50’s. Probably not an easy set to finish.

1311628-x_men_poster_final_smallUncanny X-Force 1 / Wolverine 1 / X-Men 3 / Generation Hope 1 / X-23 1 / Daken: Dark Wolverine 1 – Marko was a busy boy with all these covers in 2010/2011. X-23 is well known but the rest of these are just as nice.

I know there was another Djurdjevic variant that appeared to be part of a connecting set that Jonathan M raised. I haven’t found that one yet but I’ll keep looking. Thanks for reading guys!

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