Teenage Mutant Ninja Adventures #40 – April 1994 – Ryan Brown

6239217628_dee4bdf389_bHappy Friday my CBSI friends and family! Welcome back to this week's all new episode of Covers from the Unknown! This week I present a comic that is a cover swipe to an all time classic Incredible Hulk comic! I give you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #40, with a familiar cover by Ryan Brown. This was released in April 1994. By just looking at this, you can easily tell this is a cover swipe of The Incredible Hulk Annual #1, by Jim Steranko! Until I saw this in a $1 box last weekend, I had no idea this comic existed.

Hulk Annual #1

Looking online, you can easily tell these are plentiful, and cheap. There are handfuls, all under $5. I don't see this comic ever commanding any heat, but the completionist in me had to get one, since I am a Hulk fan. There will be a few of you out there who need this, so just don't overpay! I will say, trying to find a high grade one will be challenging. Good luck and Happy Hunting Fellas!

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