The Unpressable Defects 25

In this issue …. CBSI Local, CBCS, charity raffle, contests, Simon wakes up and joins to unveil the Frankie's Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / 7 ate 9 Comics secret variant for Venom #1 and some of their future variants, secret origin of CBSI, the new Venom, Walking Dead spoilers and spec, charity art challenge, the J. Scott Campbell Ri Ri controversy, Punisher casting news and moaaaaaar!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


Intro: Stranger Bonfires (Stranger Things vs Childish Gambino) by kmlkmljkl

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  • dpiercy

    Great show guys; thanks, Simon, for the cover reveal and news. Psyched to see new CBCS labels. I’ve already forgot Shaun’s favorite Golden Age cover…number 14 something, something. ?

  • dollarbinkiller

    Loved the show last night. We were 20 min late to it. However, my girlfriend listed with me all night. We shared some bourbon and beers and laughed along. I can’t believe she listened along the whole podcast. I found a keeper!!

  • Avatar

    Good Stuff. Those announcements made it worth the time to watch. Keep it up guys.

  • Avatar

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooo!!! love the unpressables, local once a month con sounds awesome. Thanks for staying up late recording the show, I know you guys work too!

  • Duc

    Hey Trey, thank you for the package! I received it and will open it over the weekend. I have to be in the zone for open special packages like this. It will be in my man cave, dim the lights, play the batman begin score in the background, and some Damian Wayne wallpaper on my computer. Have to set it right for you 😉

    Once again, I just want to reiterate how appreciative I am of your kind act Trey. Many thanks!

  • Avatar

    Fellow lifelong Cubs fan here! Great podcast! Talk about dropping bombs, Mattina and Dell Otto, can’t wait!

  • Avatar

    Another show knocked out of the park. I really enjoyed Simon coming on for the announcement and think having a small segment for the show every week with a guest or special announcements would be a nice addition.

  • Avatar

    Great podcast! Hearing about the history of CBSI was cool, definatley something to be proud of. And congrats to Simon on those covers. Securing that art, and those artists, is definitely an accomplishment.

  • Avatar

    This is my favorite podcast…..

    1. Because you play a mash-up of my favorite rapper and one of my fav shows
    2. Because I get mentioned by shaun towards the middle

    Keep up the great work guys!

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