NYCC 2016: Artist Spotlight on Lewis Larosa

pngbase6499c8a02497b19d62Lewis Larosa could be the most underrated artist that you may have never heard of. Besides a handful of projects at Marvel (Punisher Max), Larosa has been an exclusive artist to Valiant, working on all of the Valiant universe characters at some point in time. His work on Divinty covers drew rave reviews, and the Analog Man arc on Bloodshot was just sensational.

I met with Larosa at his artist alley table on Friday afternoon to discuss a possible head sketch. He politely told me that he was full for the day, but to come back first thing Saturday morning and he would fit me in. After running around getting wristbands for singings and con exclusives, I made my way to Artist Alley at around 10:15. He agreed to do a head sketch for me, which took about 45 minutes. We had a great conversation as I stood there and marveled at his creation.

Larosa doesn’t attend many cons because he enjoys being with his family, but you're most likely to catch him at Heroes Con as it’s close to his home in Marietta, GA. He is also a self professed slow artist, so he doesn’t see himself working for the big two any time soon (his first project at Marvel ended badly when he couldn’t make their deadlines). As an exclusive artist to Valiant, he made it clear that Valiant treats him very well.

The love of paleontology, and dinosaurs in specific, has led Larosa to his next project called Savage. I saw the preview pages that he had at NYCC, and it was exciting to see the original artwork. He told me that scientific evidence showed that some dinosaurs actually had fur, and his original cover had a dinosaur with fur on it, but Valiant nixed the idea. Although he will be only doing art on half of the book, I can’t wait to pick up Savage in November.

4440585-01hNinjak #1 1:60 sketch cover Divinity #1 Larosa VariantDivinity #1 1:40 cover
image-34Interior art from Bloodshot Reborn #12
savage-001-004 savage-001-005
Interior art from Savage #1


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