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Plenty of good reads this week, not so much spec, but that's a good thing. We like comics, we want them to be awesome, right?

Deathstroke #5Deathstroke #5

Batman and Deathstroke swap partners while they get closer to the real bad guy … It's a team-up, hopefully you weren't expecting Shakespeare (you have Deadpool for that this week), but it's still going to be smarter than it has any right to because of Chris Priest.

Flash #9Flash #9

A breather between last arc and the next one and the Wallys meet … Solicits say they are supposed to be cousins, but aren't they supposed to be the same person in different realities? Also, no one's going to mention Watchmen again until the week before the next crossover, right? DC, if you want to forget about the whole Watchmen thing, I am good!

Teen Titans #1Teen Titans #1

The Rebirth one-shot was promising, but then the news of Meyers leaving the title hit and he was a big part of why I was excited about this. We'll see …

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary SpecialWonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special

I don't think anyone is completely sure what's within the pages of this comic, but it's a Jim Lee cover and a promise of some Hughes art inside (pin-up?) and some beautiful Karl Kerschl art … I'll definitely be getting a copy, hope it's worth it.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #19Scooby-Doo Team-Up #19

Don't want to start anything here, but I know Zatanna has her fans and this title has been all but forgotten since #12. No spec here, just a friendly reminder for Zatanna fans. Harley will be back in #21, by the way 😀

Wolfcop #1Wolfcop #1

I am not madly in love with the movie, but it was fun enough for me to take a look at the comic. This has a cult following and they promise bigger monsters!

Seven To Eternity #2Seven To Eternity #2 Saga #39Saga #39
 I selected these two, but Image has a killer line-up this week: Birthright, Chew, Descender, Ody-C, Outcast, Renato Jones One Percent, Stray Bullets, Thief of Thieves, Postal and more!!! The only reason for Image not to be selling better than Marvel and DC is that we are all spandex fetishists … and there's nothing wrong with that at all!
Venom Space Knight #13Venom Space Knight #13

OK, last issue of that Space Knight madness, so this issue should finish this story and give us some setup for the new real Venom series (and maybe one of those cameos we all like so much to discuss about).

Vision #12Vision #12

Last issue of the best received Marvel series since … huh … let's just say in a while. Really looking forward for the second volume of the TPB.

Spook House #1Spook House #1

Will the Hillbilly heat infect this comic? It's an anthology of horror stories for kids, and if Powell and friends get the tone right and then (the really tough part) get these comics in kids' hands, it might all work. Being Powell, it will be fun in any case.

The Skeptics #1The Skeptics #1

While we are still discussing on whether Black Mask is the new Awesome Comics, they keep throwing new #1s at us. I think we all agree that they have lost a lot of gas, but at the same time we're all expecting them to bounce back somehow.

Since one Yoni Ouziel has jumped into the connecting cover wagon and left the cover swipes behind (for now), I feel validated in doing the mini-“crazy for cover swipes” bit right here, but only when we get two awesome covers like these:

Street Fighter Legends: Cammy #4 Homage Variant Shanna the She-Devil #1
Street Fighter Unlimited #11 Homage Variant X-Men 2099 #1

I don't know who thought swiping the X-Men 2099 #1 would be a good idea, but if I ever meet you, I will gladly get you a beer. You made the layout work and I didn't think it was possible.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • Avatar

    Awesome job as always ! 🙂 I could’nt agree more about the Spandex ! :o)

  • Avatar

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Punisher Variant cover or MS Marvel as they look hot and I believe will be hot sellers from the door.

    • Iñigo

      To be completely honest, I couldn’t get myself to go through the dozens of Marvel variants this week. They seem to be forgotten in 1-2 weeks lately …

      • Avatar

        True. But the Red Widow variant on Ms Marvel 12 is worth picking up. Red Widow has a mini story in the back of the book and I believe she’s only been in the comics once before in a Mockingbird issue. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Iñigo

          You guys are probably right, but should we really be so excited about the first cover appearance of yet another derivative character? I know I do in occassion, but the Red Widow doesn’t speak to me at all. Having said that, and as my wife would say, I am wrong most of the time. Also, starting next week we will have 2 different views at the wednesday comics … Get ready!!!

          • Avatar

            I’m sure your wife is right about you being wrong, but you are right about derivative being wrong. Right on!

      • Avatar

        yea they do put out a lot but so does DC with the multiply Rebirth covers and you did list a couple of those. But back to Marvel I wish they would stop this every week, (variants that eventually hit the dollar or less bin). Anyway, I did pick up one of the ms marvel and punisher variant cover. Ms marvel cover is going to be hard to find I believe.

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