Charity Raffle Update, the M&M Contest & a Podcast Announcement

First things first, the charity raffle is closed now and the winners will be announced Friday evening / Saturday morning depending on where you live. We raised more than $2,500 this time, so a round of applause to everyone who donated books or bought slots. We can only say how proud we all are about this. A million thanks and good luck to all of you!!!

Second point of the day, the contest to get a set of M&M Comics variants … Just a reminder, you will get the following set of comics:

So that's: New 52 Batman #1 M&M / ACCC Con variant LTD 1000 by Greg Capullo, Amazing Spider-Man #1 Black Cat / Deadpool variant by Terry & Rachel Dodson, Archie #1 variant by Dave Dorman, Archie #1 variant by Chris Foreman, Betty & Veronica #1 by Dave Dorman, Betty & Veronica #1 by Michael Locoduck Duron, Dark Knight Master Race #1 color and sketch by Dave Dorman, Death of Wolverine #1 M&M / ACCC Con variant by Terry & Rachel Dodson, Star Wars #1 by Dave Dorman and Star Wars Vader Down #1 color and sketch by Dave Dorman.

To win the set you only need to let us know what your favorite cover is among them and why. We will ask Mike from M&M Comics to pick up a winner, so better make it a good read. The comment section will be closed by Monday.

Last but not least in the agenda is this announcement about the podcast tonight … Yo Trey, take it away:

Ok guys and gals.

Tonight on the podcast we will be unveiling the “Secret” variant of Venom #1. Thanks to Simon Payne, Kevin Fields and Chris Bowers for allowing us this honor. Simon will hop on the podcast for a few minutes to talk about it and how this variant came to be.

Also if we get over 150 listeners live tonight Jimmy Linguini and I will be giving away 1 copy of Animosity #3 The Harambe Variant (Color) to a CBSI member.

We are going to try and start the podcast at 9pm CST tonight. Links will be posted at the CBSI G+ community.

Charity with prizes and free stuff … does it get better than this? Move away, we're taking over!!!


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    Star Wars #1 by Dave Dorman would be my favorite. It’s a great shot of Vader leading troops into battle that we never got in the movies with tons of action. How could you go wrong?

  • Demon Jim

    This is a very easy pick for me for favorite cover of the bunch, and that is the Amazing Spider-Man #1 Black Cat / Deadpool variant. While most people’s favorite female characters are those of great power, strength, or popularity I have stuck and will always stick with Ms. Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat. From the early ages as a child to my years now as a grown man she has been the one who sticks out the most to me. I guess you could say I’ve become a fanboy. Everything about her just appeals to me. I’d be lying to you if I said I haven’t noticed her beauty. She is indeed a gorgeous character as she is clearly drawn to appeal to the male demographic, but really that is just a bonus as it’s her attitude that has me hooked. She has a bad girl persona which while sexy is actually well deserved as she has drawn strength from a tragic past, but those who have followed her know she can be a sweetheart unless you piss her off. Sounds like my wife as she is also a sweetheart unless you piss her off haha.

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spider-Man with Black Cat and Deadpool! Just a very classy yet sexy Black cat with the red hot Aka Fireball Deadpool “see what I did there”..

  • Avatar

    The Archie #1 is my favorite which is homage to ASM #300. I always loved T. Mcfarlane’s work, I grew up loving Spider-man. There are a lot of debates over first appearances, whether it be first Venom-pool, first Venom… first this… first that. I like debating when it is a topic that interests me, but comic books are much more than first appearances. While the homage covers isn’t a new concept, they remind us of our youth… where times seemed much simpler and reading comics took you away to another place where sometimes reality was a bit too harsh.

    Whatever your reason for collecting comics, hopefully at the core of it… it is because it reminds you of the kid inside you that enjoyed the story, art, characters, and so forth.

  • Avatar

    Star Wars Vader Down #1 color by Dave Dorman – fantastic cover with Vader alone defending against ??? Without his stormtroopers, how does he fare against an army, a lone rebel… Leaves enough to the imagination that you want to buy it and read it!

  • Avatar

    Dark Knight Master Race #1 color is my favorite. It has Batman with not 1 but 2 bats, and Batman fighting with bats is just awesomely ironic. There’s so much detail in this cover with different things you’ll notice after looking at the cover a few times. The Superman logo is just subtlely is the explosion. There are Batman logos on his boot in case the people he’s stepping on don’t know who he is. Just looking at the cover makes you want to see who Batman gets to stomp on.

  • bytemonkey

    Out of the bunch, I really like Archie #1 and Betty & Veronica #1 connecting covers by Dave Dorman. The painted art used in the covers are classy and are not oversexualized, violent, offensive, or pandering to current trends. The design is a great example of American slice-of-life imagery that depicts a time when young people were fascinated by their cars and not by iPhones, or snapchats. The art is classic and reserved. It’s the kind of art that you wouldn’t mind hanging on your office wall.

    As far as Dave Dorman goes, I’ve met him couple times. Once when I was kid at a signing a local comic book store in Pensacola, and a couple of years ago at Pensacon. He’s a nice guy and great artist.

    Regardless of who wins, I’m really glad that M&M Comics commissioned Dave Dorman to do some of their variant covers. The world needs more Dave Dorman art.

  • Avatar

    My favorite would have to be the New 52 Batman #1 M&M / ACCC Con variant . I was just getting back into collecting right after the New 52 had started and missed out on my chance to get this awesome book. I actually really prefer this variant to the original, the red coloring really sets up the scene. It almost has an “end of the world” feel. Besides all of these things Capullo is an excellent artist.

  • Avatar

    Not only is Terry Dodson an underrated A+ in the artist department, but it was a pleasure to meet him a couple times and he is an A+ dude as well. So my pick has to be Amazing Spiderman #1. That book has more personality than any of the rest with Black Cat as the “bling” of the cover, flanked by Spiderman embodying responsibility (it’s all in the eyes), and then Dodson’s first Deadpool looking very unresponsible (again, the eyes). Love it!

  • Avatar

    Short and simple. ASM #1. How can you go wrong with Black Cat! Meeee-yowwww. Just like M&M’s, both are extremely satisfying.

  • gooniecomics

    Death of Texas Oil Pimp Wolverine. How can you go wrong with that belt buckle? And the dresses, I love the simplicity

  • Avatar

    I sat down after dinner eating M&M’s with my kiddos who are 4 & 8. The ones with peanut butter of course because we all love them. I open up safari and we peruse some websites. It’s close to Halloween so naturally the kiddos want to watch videos of people going through haunted houses. It’s funny to watch someone being freightened knowing that everything is staged and fake. We laughed so hard we had to stand up and breath.
    By that point we decide to put up our Halloween decorations. The kiddos had a blast putting them up. We had fake spiderwebs, spiders, ghost lights for our pathway& pumpkins. We also had skull, bats and skeleton cutouts we put on our trees. It was our first year decorating so we didn’t expect much when we finished. It looked better than expected.
    Naturally, after finishing putting out the decorations I open Of course my favorite would be Star Wars. Reading my story you know why.

  • dollarbinkiller

    I picked up the ones I could. So hard to pick one.. The ASM300 swipe of Archie stood out right away. Todd is the artist that changed the game for me. That cover is timeless. I always loved comics as a kid especially ASM. So, the #1 variant stands out as well. Still going with the Archie #1 swipe though.

  • Avatar

    I would have to go with the Star Wars Dorman cover. Been attached to Star Wars for some time, and better than ever. Cover is in your face, with Vader front and center. Just grabs you, or me at least.

  • frogggee

    ASM1 – long time fan of black cat, and it’s been happy to see her get so much in the Spider-Man/Silk titles in the last year.

  • Avatar

    My vote is for the Dave Dorman variant for Dark Knight III: the Master Race #1.
    This is easily the best cover that’s come out of this series. That says allot when you consider the heavy weight cast of cover artists who have worked on said series. The level of artistry really shows when you look at the black & white sketch version of the cover. The level of depth and dimension in the black & white cover is equal to or better than the level in the colored variation. That really shows just how talented the artist is. It’s very easy to produce 3 dimensional looking imagery using color, any artist knows it’s just a matter of using warm and cool colors, and basic color theory. But to capture the same level of depth (or arguably even better level) using only black and grey takes a very talented mind to do so. And for that reason alone my vote has to be for Dave Dorman’s Dark Knight III: #1. And if that’s not enough to win it for him, how about that Super cool, yet very subtle Superman Symbol in the Sky! Bravo Mr. Dorman you’ve created the perfect Dark Knight cover, you deserve a round of applause!

    PS. Although not my #1 pick I did have to mention: up until now I had believed that JSC had perfected the Black Cat on the cover of ASM #607. But it would appear that he may have been dethroned by Terry Dodson on his rendition of ASM #1 here.

  • Avatar

    ASM #1. I have enjoyed Dodson’s artwork over the years and having a cover with two of my favorite characters (Spiderman & Black Cat) is perfect.