Bizarro’s One for 10/26/16


Bizarro had really tough time picking favorite cover this week.

1567202_xlDoctor Fate Vol 4 #17

Bizarro love cover that remind Bizarro of 70's. Bizarro already not see world like this. Bizarro buy many copies and trip out.

1567216_xlFuture Quest #6 Cover B

Cover make Bizarro want. Everyone dancing action! But Bizarro really want to know why Hadji punching bird guy in crotch.

1567303_xlWonder Woman Vol 5 #9 Cover A Regular Liam Sharp Cover

Bizarro understand. Bizarro think Wonder Woman only not like girl now? Silly Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor not girl! Bizarro must buy an get to top of situation.


Vigilante Southland #1 Cover A

Bizarro love light show cover. Happy man not twirling lights during day. Bizarro forget seeing at Burning Man this week. Bizarro buy many copies to help man wif gas money.

1567403_xlChampions No Time For Losers #1

Exciting cover jump on page. Loser not point at Bizarro, you want to hug Bizarro? Everyone come Hug Bizarro. Bizarro hug you back. Bizarro afraid of you!

1567440_xlDoctor Strange Mystic Apprentice #1 Cover B

Bizarro love cover. This not how Bizarro head feel when at store yesterday. No book with Doctor Strange name on it for Bizarro. Bizarro just buy none.

1567457_xlMarvel Tsum Tsum #3 Cover B

This is very exciting cover for Bizarro. Cube head Guardians dancing with black tears man at rave funeral. Pew! Pew! Bizarro also love pot leaf ship and Snoop Dog planet.

1567490_xlStar Wars Poe Dameron #7 Cover A

Bizarro love Head cover, but know what Bizarro love more than that, 2 HEAD ON COVER! Nothing excite Bizarro like two head kiss each other on cover! Bizarro Buy!

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