J. Scott Campbell vs Artgerm

patternWelcome back everyone! This week we’ll try something new by mixing things up a little. Instead of the usual Finding the Pattern, we’ll pit Marvel vs DC, Black Cat vs Batgirl and J. Scott Campbell vs Stanley (Artgerm) Lau.

I think the first book we’ll have a look at is one you already know about. With all the new covers and variants released these past few months, this comic has cooled down even though it was on almost everyone’s wish list not so long ago.


The Amazing Spider-man Vol.1 #607
Release Date: September 30 2009
Cover Artist: Jeffrey Scott Campbell (JSC)
Print Run: 62,517
Raw: $50
Graded 9.6: $90
Graded 9.8: $180

Right now, it is arguably the most affordable iconic cover by JSC. Black Cat really steals the show on this one. The background is boring but why have any distractions from keeping our eyes on Felicia? Campbell is known for his female covers and even with the high print run, this one sells like a variant. JSC draws Black Cat in a way no one has done before and I think that’s where the key is. Enough of the white fur-lined black suit, and let’s try a Spidey shirt!

If you like this cover or were waiting for the right time to buy, I think now might be that opportunity. JSC was at the top of his game a few months back, but with all the store variant craziness, the market has chosen a new favorite (Gabriele Dell’Otto), who constantly seems to cast a shadow over Campbell's work. Also, people might have realized about the print run on this one…oh, and that it’s not a variant.

Now let’s switch to DC and talk about another artist that is well known but hasn’t yet found a way to release a cover that has made it to the big leagues: Stanley Lau (Artgerm). Don’t get me wrong, he has a lot of great covers, and I think it’s just a matter of time before the market decides one of them is the next big thing. Speaking of which, let me show you…

Batgirl #12

Batgirl Vol.3 #12
Release Date: July 14 2010
Cover Artist: Stanley Lau (Artgerm)
Print Run: 28,011
Raw: $15
Graded 9.6: ???
Graded 9.8: $190

You now have the ultimate proof that Artgerm can deliver and has what it takes to compete with the big names of the industry, and it’s not even a variant!. Same as stated earlier with the JSC cover, the background is not really part of the art as it just makes the heroine even more prominent (even though I like this background better). We have another really strong female character, Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), drawn in a very unique way only Artgerm can manage to do. The colors and the details are amazing and all in all this cover has everything it needs to see a nice bump in the future.

The only thing that restrains this comic from heating up compared to the Amazing Spider-Man is that JSC already had his hour of glory while Stanley Lau hasn’t yet. Even if it never happens, the cover is great, the print run is low, and apparently there are not a lot of them on the bay right now, so you know…demands and supply..

Hope you enjoyed this week article and make sure to comment! I want to know your thoughts on this one! See you next week!!


  • AZBarbarian

    I prefer Stanley Lau. JSC basically draws the exact same thing over and over again, maybe with different hair or clothes.

  • jason jones

    Great article. I’m a JSC fan, but he’s definitely starting to phone it in these days (tho I think his new renew you vows variant is great).

    I’m on the fence with artgerm. His style is hot and miss with me but this cover is awesome.

  • Avatar

    Artgerm’s style is not iconic to any american comic heroes he has drawn. When people think of Black Cat, JSC’s Black Cat is what comes to mind. Same with McFarlane’s Spiderman. I love Artgerm, but I believe his asian style is not hitting the nostagalia button for many fans. That being said, look out for his Vampire Hunter D variant coming out. That thing has a micro print run and is very iconic. I think that might be his first really big book.

  • Avatar

    Another great article. This “following the pattern” feature has quickly become my favorite feature on this site, so keep up the great work.
    I love seeing things that I was already thinking being confirmed on here. I actually just started buying up every copy I could find of that Batgirl #12 about a month ago. I had a feeling that it was getting ready to have it’s moment of glory. Seeing that I’m not the only person thinking that way makes me feel really good about my decision to start stock piling them.

    Now onto the artists:
    I prefer Artgerm personally.. Although I do love JSC’s renditions of Black Cat, and/or Mary Jane. But none of his other characters really do it for me. I think Artgerm has a wider variety of characters that he draws really well, and yet still each unique in their own way. But I also believe this may be a factor in the question of why he hasn’t found that household name type success like Campbell has. He’s not as easily recognizable especially to the masses. Anyone who owns more than a short box full of comics can spot a Campbell cover from across the room. Where even long time collectors can flip past an Artgerm and not even realize that was what it was.
    But bottom line for me, I prefer Artgerm’s ladies to Campbell’s with only a few exceptions.

  • Gwenpool4President

    Love me some Artgerm! I thought he did a great Harley, Wonder Woman, Champions, and obviously Batgirl.

    As a percentage, I like Artgerm’s covers better.

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