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The Fan Expo organizers are getting ready for Fan Expo Vancouver and we all know what that means by now … awesome variants! Luckily for all of us nowhere near Vancouver during the weekend of November 11th-13th, they have started selling a limited amount of these variants on their website. So take a look at this introduction to their latest set and if you like what you see, go over to the Fan Expo Store and buy! Warning: it seems one of the variants below might have already sold out, but hopefully they will restock soon!

In keeping with the mighty CBSI + Fan Expo tradition, we will be giving away 2 full sets of these puppies, so keep your eyes on the site next week for the first contest announcement!!!

transformers-revolution-1-cropped transformers-revolution-1-foil-cropped

 Transformers Revolution #1 Variant Cover by Jamie Tyndall / Color & Foil

 I wanted to start with this one because (a) it has a foil cover version and (b) our guys at Fan Expo cannot stress enough how cool the foil version looks. If only people who get to see it live go for it, it might well be the underdog of the whole bunch.
champions-1-color champions-1-bw

Champions #1 Variant Cover by Greg Land / Color & B/W

Nice little tribute to the Toddster's last Amazing Spider-Man cover ever, before he started writing his own scripts over at Spider-Man first and then Spawn. Greg Land has been doing a few cover swipes lately, but I think we can all agree that this one looks pretty awesome and feels appropriate with a new generation of heroes taking over the names (for how long?) of these two guys in the cover.

ba12-colour-with-dress-cropped ba12-bw-with-dress-cropped

Batman Adventures #12 Variant Cover by Bruce Timm / Color, B/W & Virgin Color

Note there will be 3 different versions of this cover!!!

How do you top 2 foil variants by Jonboy Meyers? You go straight to the source of all things Harley (Mr Timm) and get him to do a tribute cover to Harley's first comic appearance. And it looks absolutely stunning. This cover is also a celebration of each one of these characters first appearance in TV and movies with Yvonne Craig's Batgirl, Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy and Margot Robbie's Harley!
asm17-colour asm17-bw

Amazing Spider-Man #17 Stan Lee Variant Cover by Humberto Ramos / Color & B/W

FanExpo have a tradition of Stan Lee sharing covers with Spider-Man and this is Ramos latest entry in that series. Probably the most action heroey Stan Lee has looked in his life.


Wonder Woman #9 Variant Cover by Liam Sharp

Wonder Woman's anniversary machine is in full swing and here we get Liam Sharp giving us the princess kicking some humanimal ass.


  • Avatar

    Some really great looking covers in that bunch. The BA 12 is well thought out.

  • JaredrBarber

    Wow! Ok, That Bruce Timm BA12 tooned-up variant is beautiful. Unlike 100% of guest celebs in the past that go to cons, NOW their talking, by bringing not only one one of the great superhero masters, but someone who’s been continually cranking stuff out since the 80’s because he loves it so much. Now THAT’s someone I’d stand in line to shake hands with. ……. I probably won’t, as I hate lineups that much, but still, if I WERE to do that, this is the sort of artist I’d would endure that for. If I see his BA12 variant, I’ll def pick one up.

  • Avatar

    Never realized that cover of ASM Spidey gets Hulk right it the….um, noogies.

  • Avatar

    I really wanted to buy the $100 lot for all three of the BA12, but those Walking Dead #100 investments will pay off dividends.

  • Lunarshade

    I love the cover to the Wonder Woman book! The primal covers are really great.

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