CBSI Charity: Do some good, get THE EVEN NICEST books EVER – UPDATED AGAIN

CBSI is widely known for its comic speculation and breaking news, but what you may not know, is that we also donate a lot of time to various charities. From book donation drives, GoFundMe, Art Challenges, and more, CBSI is always willing to help out complete strangers and of course our own members.

On our main Google Plus page we have a pinned post to help out fellow member James Goodwin. James has been with CBSI since day one, and is one of the lucky ones to have a son & daughter that share his passion; they even know a few of us by name from talking comics with their dad. James’ daughter Mackenzie’s close friend David, who is only 16 and a fellow comic fan, lost his father Luis on October 14th to brain cancer. Luis was not only just diagnosed this past January, but also laid off that very same month. Needless to say his family is struggling in more ways than one.

David and his family

David and his family

CBSI is running a raffle (we call it a Razz) where anyone who would like to help David’s family has a chance to win one of the books listed below. On G+ we invited members to claim spots at $5 each and/or donate a book to this Razz. The book list is still growing, but things end late Tuesday night 10/25. Please open your hearts following the above link for more details and a chance to win something cool while also impacting a family in need.

Prize list

Each paragraph here is a prize in the raffle. We will try to get all the pictures together by the end of the day Monday. To donate or buy spots, please refer to the Google + post.

nzy4odzbrtgwqty3otk3mte4ndk6yjmxzte3y2u0zjg2zjllztc1nze5ztm3zdnmywfhmzu6ojo6oja1) Frankie's Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / Heroes For Sale Color & B&W covers of their Dell'Otto Ghost Rider #1 exclusive


2) Frankie's Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / Heroes For Sale Color & B&W covers of their Dell'Otto Venom #1 exclusive (color version pictured above)

nzy4odzbrtgwqty3otk3mte4ndk6ywizzdk1mwi5ymyxntqwmgzjy2nhntmznzywoddkzjy6ojo6oja3) A full set (color, B&W and secret variants) of Frankie's Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / 7 ate 9 / The Comic Mint Siya Oum Hulk #1

4) C3P0 #1 Red Arm Variant

screenshot_20161024-0741455) Harley Quinn: Rebirth Artgerm Legacy Variant


6) Walking Dead #99, 100 & 108

7) Siege #2 Dell'Otto variant, Detective Comics #859 (Jock) and 860 (Ross) variants

mk8) Moon Knight #1 CBCS 9.8 Rudy Variant

2016-10-24 2016-10-24-1

9) Black Panther #1 B&W Bulletproof variant and Catwoman #70


10) Captain America #15 1:50 Mattina Variant


11) Paper Girls #1 signed x4 with COA


12) Star Wars #1 CGC 9.0 (cracked case, but grade can be improved with a press)


13) Amazing Spider-Man #9, 10 Dell'Otto variants and X-Force: Sex & Violence #2 2nd print variant

14) M&M Comics set of variants (including New 52 Batman #1 M&M / ACCC Con variant LTD 1000 by Greg Capullo, Amazing Spider-Man #1 Black Cat / Deadpool variant by Terry & Rachel Dodson, Archie #1 variant by Dave Dorman, Archie #1 variant by Chris Foreman, Betty & Veronica #1 by Dave Dorman, Betty & Veronica #1 by Michael Locoduck Duron, Dark Knight Master Race #1 color and sketch by Dave Dorman, Death of Wolverine #1 M&M / ACCC Con variant by Terry & Rachel Dodson, Star Wars #1 by Dave Dorman and Star Wars Vader Down #1 color and sketch by Dave Dorman).

15) M&M Comics Animosity #3 Color (LTD 250) & Sketch (LTD 75) set by Kelsey Shannon.

16) M&M Comics Archie #1 and Star Wars #1 Dave Dorman variants signed by Dave Dorman.

17) FanExpo is donating a set of their new Batman Adventures #12 variants by Bruce Timm. This set includes 3 versions: Color, B&W and the virgin color version. To know more about the latest set of FanExpo variants, check back tomorrow!!!


18) Frankie's Comics / Sad Lemon Comics / 7 Ate 9 Comics are back at the donation seat with a full set of their Star Wars: Dr Aphra #1 variants

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  • bryan.mcclay

    Way to go crew!!!!!! This is the reason we are the best comic community out there. It’s one thing to speculate, write articles, or cry about “pump and dump”, but when you continually give back to the comunity you are calling yourself a member of you show real commitment. Nothing but the best here at CBSI. Proud to be a Member and I yell it at the neigh sayers every chance I get.

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