Darkhold, Ms Teschmacher, Baby Groot, X-23 & the Legion of Doom!

Marvel Spotlight 4

First appearance of Darkhold ( Book of Sins )

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has introduced the book in the current season. This book of dark magic is extremely powerful but tends to corrupt all who possess it. It was written billions of years ago by the demonic elder god, Chthon.


If they introduced Darkhold how long before Chthon appears?


Superman Red Son 2

First appearance Eve Teschmacher

If you are a fan of quirky supporting characters then you must have loved Eve Teschmacher from the original Superman films.


I was surprised to see her appear as a secretary for Supergirl’s boss on the CW show! Since there was no comic adaptation of Superman the movie her first comic appearance was in this brilliant elseworlds tale.


Groot 4,5,5b

First appearance of baby Groot

I mentioned this many months ago so if you didn’t buy them then now might be a good time. The GOTG teaser was awesome. I still have a feeling Baby Groot is gonna steal the show. He first appeared ( in full ) at the end of issue 4 and on the cover of 5

Note: Groot did appear as a root in 2008 Annihilation comics but he was planted and had no feet. He also bears no resemblance to the GOTG baby Groot. His first comic book appearance as seen in GOTG 2 is in these issues above.

All New All Different Marvel Previews ( September 2015 )

First X-23 as Wolverine

First I want to say that I do not recommend buying this book for more than a buck. Second I understand the argument against this already. If we start saying that a preview comic is a first then all firsts have to be in these types of publications right? Well not exactly. Not every new title is represented in a preview though most are. I really only mention this because collectors are already starting to put value on the Marvel Point One variant which has X-23 on the cover as Wolverine. While I do think that is the book to own it too is a book of previews. The book here has the cover of Point one and a nice little splash of the All New Wolverine.


Extreme Justice 17

First Legion of Doom ( in continuity )

It’s looking like the Legion of Doom will be plaguing the time-traveling cast of LOT in the near future. Surprisingly there are few appearance of this villainous crew whose origins date back to the Super Friends cartoon. I could find no actual appearance in the original Super Friends comic. In fact their first appears to be in Extreme justice which is actually a pretty solid read, too bad the cover is horrific.



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