J. Scott Campbell’s Connecting Cover Show (feat. Larroca)

Since so many people liked the connecting covers article from last week I’m going to keep it going this week with a few more. Some will be based on the comments in the article to prove that I listen to my fans (I love saying that I have fans even if it's not entirely true).


Salvador Larroca Welcome Home Variants

20 covers connecting to show Marvel’s heroes waiting in line to see the new Star Wars movie. This was used to usher in Star Wars comics coming back to Marvel.


Death of Wolverine 1-4 Midtown Exclusive Covers

J. Scott Campbell at it again for Midtown Comics. This time it was in a 2 X 2 format.


Amazing Spider-Man 1/Superior Spider-Man 31/Spider-Man 2099 1 J Scott Campbell Variants

This is a double whammy for me. I love Campbell’s art and I love Spider-Man! Make the a triple whammy…I love connecting covers too!


Amazing Spider-Man 700/Superior Spider-Man 1 J Scott Campbell Midtown Variants

I’m sensing a theme here…In any case, these go for big bucks…anyone know why?


Amazing Spider-Man 1/ Amazing Spider-Man 1.1/Superior Spider-Man 31 J Scott Campbell Midtown Variants

Ho hum another beautiful connecting cover set from one of the best in the business!


Indestructible Hulk Special 1/All-New X-Men Special 1/Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Special 1 Campbell Variants

Note to self…never hesitate to pull the trigger on comics you want for the PC. You never know when an article will come out on Comicbookinvest.com that will price you out of getting said comics.

I promise next week I’ll have connecting covers from other artists! Have a great weekend!


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    Haha. So true. You have to move fast if you read it on ComicBookInvest.

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    Thanks for waiting for the day after I bought a partial set of the Campbell variants! Lol

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    I missed the boat on the 700 and superior spiderman, one day I will pick them up. Great list though!

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    From what I remember with the Amazing Spider-Man 700/Superior Spider-Man 1 J Scott Campbell Midtown Variants, is that they were one of the first midtown variants (and also to sell-out). It was funny I’ve always been a huge JSC fan and also bought from midtown. When I saw these come up I was like, ok that’s cool let me get a couple. Not expecting that when I checked the next day they were sold out. I have no idea why midtown made the print run so low on these but they are definitely hard to come by now.

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