No Love: Femme Forgotten (DC edition)

Lately, females in comics reign supreme, with our most recent infatuations going by the names of X-23 and Harley Quinn.  At one point, both of their first appearances were forgotten and could be had in the discount bin but now fugetaboutit!!!

I recently wrote a post about forgotten Marvel ladies, now it's time to focus on DC.  Obviously everyone wants to find the next Harley, but in all honesty, I doubt that this phenomenon can be recreated being that the spec market is so saturated.  Hell, nowadays I'll settle for the next Oracle (Suicide Squad #23) or Vixen (Action Comics #521).  So who will be the next breakout DC female?  I don’t know, but some of these ladies might have a shot despite no love!

Kate Kane (Batwoman)


52 week #7 (1st Kate Kane)

A character that, IMO, has huge potential is the current iteration of Kate Kane.   Bruce Wayne’s cousin, who also tragically lost her mother, takes up the mantle as Batwoman after being booted from the armed forces and eventually is trained by her father. This badass can currently be found in Detective Comics, one of the better Bat Family titles. I find it odd that the Adam Hughes cover on Tec #858 gets more love than her 1st appearance.

Cassie Sandsmark / Wonder Girl


Wonder Woman #105

Wonder Woman #105

She may not be the heir apparent to the Wonder Woman mantle, but this girl is a character that has staying power.  Anytime there is a youth version of the Justice League, this character is almost always included in order to establish a trinity (Batman/Robin, Superman/boy, Wonder Woman/Girl). Get them cheap!

Helena Bertinelli / Huntress II



The Huntress # 1 (April 1998)


One of the many long and convoluted origins of a DC characters is shown in the origins of the Huntress. Is she Earth 2's Batman/Catwoman offspring? Is she a mafia born ex-Spyral agent? All I know is that Ms. Bertinelli is currently on the Birds of Prey and her 1st appearance can be found on the cheap!

Stephanie Brown / Robin / Spoiler / Batgirl


Stephanie Brown has more aliases than she or DC knows what to do with. Split personality…perhaps, DC’s chameleon female…for sure! Given her many names and disguises, DC is trying to make something stick and because of that she isn’t going away anytime soon.

Riddler’s Daughter / Enigma



Teen Titans #38 (1st appearance)

Though there are two characters with the moniker of Enigma, I’m focusing on the one created by the one and only Geoff Johns. One-time Teen Titan and one-time Joker’s daughter road dawg, Enigma was last seen running with the Titans East and eventually killed by her pops!!! Yeah she is dead but we all know that doesn’t mean ish in the world of comics!

M’gann M’orzz / Miss Martian / Martian Manhunter


Teen Titans #37 (1st appearance)

Teen Titans #37 (1st appearance)

Another Geoff John’s creation, this character has only made her appearance in a photo (as an alien threat) in the New 52 universe. Originally introduced as a green Martian, she eventually came out as a white Martian and was accepted as a hero despite the destruction white Martians are known for.  This one already has a little heat as she has been introduced in Season 2 of Supergirl.

Renee Montoya / The Question



Batman #475

A one-time GCPD detective (and one-time Question), Montoya now spends her time as partner to Harvey Bullock. This is another character that seemed to fade into obscurity but she has history with Batwoman and DC has kept her around, so you never know.

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