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I am going to be perfectly honest here, one of the coolest things related to working on a growing site like this one is having the chance to give back to all of you out there, and that's why whenever we get contacted by a comic shop who wants to give away some exclusives we jump at the chance to do it.

This time, M&M Comics contacted us to give us a heads up on a couple of new exclusive covers they are putting out for the Alamo City Comic Con, so let's take a look at them:


Yes, your eyes are not fooling you, M&M Comics are putting out the only store exclusive out there for the biggest new 52 success: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman #1!!! Limited to just 1,000 copies this will be the most limited version of the comic that relaunched Batman and brought him back to the top of the charts.

aimosity3colorvar aimosity3spotvar

Animosity is huge and here's a couple of variants for #3 drawn by Kelsey Shannon … A color version limited to 250 copies and a black and white version limited to 75.

These 3 variants can be purchased right now from their online shop and if you are interested in the Animosity #3 variants, you'd better move fast. They got some more variants coming out soon (more Animosity, which will be thematically linked to this one) so you might want to bookmark it. While you're there, you might want to check their “standard” variant section, they've got a lot of very nice variants at very nice prices.

Back to the giveaway bit, next week we will organize a contest to give away one set of M&M exclusives (it will be everything on this page, minus the Animosity variants for obvious reasons), meaning the Batman #1 and one each of the following:

dow1dodsonvar_003Death of Wolverine #1 by Terry Dodson

Loving the solid color dresses!

asm2014001_dc25finalfinalAmazing Spider-Man (2014) #1 by Terry Dodson

Not to take away from the lovely Black Cat, but is that the only time Dodson has drawn Deadpool? If so, it's a pity!

archie_1mm_dorman bv_1mmcomvara
 Archie #1 and Betty & Veronica #1 connecting covers by Dave Dorman
archie_1mm_foreman bv1mmcomvarduron
M&M Comics support their local artists and here's two examples of how. Archie #1 is Chris Foreman‘s first published work, while Betty & Veronica #1 is Michael Locoduck Duron‘s second.
dkiii1mmcolor1200px dkiii1mmsketch1200px
Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 by Dave Dorman
 Star Wars #1 and Star Wars: Vader Down by Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman has become synonymous with awesome Star Wars art. These covers featuring Darth Vader front and center are a good example why.

So there you go, a comic shop that shows us there's more to life than Campbell and Dell'Otto and who want one of you to get a set of their exclusives … What's not to like??? They even threw in a second set for our next charity raffle. Keep your eyes open for more info on the contest next week!!!


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