1 Darth Vader #3

1 WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Salvador Larroca
Yes, the variant sells for more, but the regular cover has more than tripled in price in the past month (and it is a better cover).  Anyway, you can’t go wrong at this point with this book right now.  Aphra is on fire and as an original character in the Star Wars universe, that is a big deal.

2 Reborn #1 Greg Capullo NYCC Sketch Variant

2 WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
Sales for any cover are moving and who knows if this one or the 1:100 sketch (I thought Image wasn’t doing incentive variants anymore?) will end up being the most valuable.  In any case, solidly written opening issue, amazing interior art should equal a winner.  Let’s just hope that these guys stay on this for a while and this doesn’t meet the same fate that another great story/art combo met…Wytches anyone?

3 Wolverine #66 2nd Print Variant

WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST: Steve McNiven

The trailer was amazing (some thanks goes to Johnny Cash), but #66 has been a must-have for your PC for years.  Van Denby wrote about these almost a year ago and this one is a great one to have.  While the value of any of the #66’s may inflate for a while because of the movie, it does not diminish the long-term value or need of this book.


4 NYX #3

WRITER: Joe Quesada
ARTIST: Joshua Middleton

Laura.  Kinney.  X-23.  Modern key.  Nothing else needs to be said.


5 Ms. Marvel (Vol. 3) #2 Jorge Molina 1:50 Variant

WRITER: C. Willow Wilson
ARTIST: Adrian Alphona

There was a raw sale this week at $900.  Unclear if it was legit or not but there were multiple bidders with decent feedback, so it probably is.  That being said, this book has reached crazy highs and is just impossible to find.  I am very curious as to what the ceiling is on this book.


6 All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1 David Marquez Variant


WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various

Shaun Leggitt brought this book up on the podcast.  It is the 1st Appearance of X-23 as the Wolverine, right there on the cover.  We comic people are so dense sometimes—why did it take almost a year for anyone to notice this?


7 Captain Marvel (Vol. 8) #2 J.G. Jones 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST:   Davide Lopez

What had been sitting for a long time at about $15-20 is suddenly a $100 book, thanks to Mr. Denby’s article.  I’m bullish on Captain Marvel and this is a pretty hard to find variant of hers.


8 Saga #1

WRITER: Brian K. Vaughn
ARTIST: Fiona Staples

The RRP has passed the $1500 mark and this regular cover is in the $150-200 range raw and has hit $330 in 9.8.  This is a looong term hold and I think that those who are picking them up now to hold will hit paydirt down the road.


9 Animosity #3 Mike Roothe Harambe Variant

WRITER: Marguerite Bennett
ARTIST: Rafael de Latorre

*No pump/dump disclaimer* No book (outside the JSC non-sexual RiRi Variant) has caused as much controversy in recent memory.  From pre-sellers to the actual animal depicted on the cover, this book has everything going for it.  The color is selling for around $100 already.  Great charity fundraiser as well—congrats to Jimmy and Trey on this book.


10 Spider-Gwen (Vol. 2) #5 Michael Cho 1:20 Variant

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Chris Visions

Another one of these Cho variants that have increased dramatically to around $40-50.  There are very few on eBay and is definitely one of the better looking covers in this series of variants.


Tomb Raider #33

WRITER: James Bonny
ARTIST: Tony Daniel
Adam Hughes Catwoman covers are all selling well at the moment.  People are realizing that he did a lot of ‘B' covers on Tomb Raider as well.  This one sits at the top of the food chain at the moment


Bloodshot #6

WRITER: Kevin Van Hook
ARTIST: Don Perlin
Ok, I'll give Valiant some love, especially since this book has been in dollar bins for the past 15 years.  It is now selling for around $10 and there are a billion of them out there so if you can move them, now may be the time.


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    Ben, I miss this every week it’s not here, and it’s been a few. Great list! Just heard about that Harambe variant a few days ago, that’s a great thing. To me Millar is Black Mask Studios personified; once he gets his series’ optioned he tends to move on. And some Valiant love is always good to see. It’s moving because of that trailer, and you’re right, that issue had a print run of 410k. There is a little known “variant” for Bloodshot #6 that has 2 signatures in red ink, no VVSS stamp or certificate, and a print run of about 3000, but I think it’s less.

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    Great list. I’m thinking Star Wars is a short term flip. The only way I see this book going up more is if she is announced in an upcoming movie.

    Does anyone really care about this character and the evil droids?

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      the way i’m thinking of it is like Spider-Gwen or Silk, even though their series don’t sell well their first appearances still go for good money. ASM4 regular cover sells for 30-40 raw all day and EoSV 2 1st print is easily 80 on the bay.

      I haven’t compared print runs but I don’t think this Star Wars series was even as heavily printed as either of these Spider-Man events.

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      Original Star Wars characters getting their own series…
      I think the dialogue sometimes needs to shy away from being on the big screen versus being something huge in the medium it was created for…comics.
      Aphra and the droids are doing quite well and the book has been in demand since it came out. It is now blowing up for good reasons…
      A good character in a new ongoing Star Wars book by one of the hottest writers in comics.
      I see long term value. Just as many of the newly created Star Wars cartoon characters have loyal followings like Sabine, Ahsoka, Hera…
      Just my thoughts…
      Great list and thanks for posting it!!!

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    I may be wrong, but didn’t Laura appear as Wolverine in costume on the Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #1 by Skottie Young that came out a few months prior?

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    Great List, and now i’m sad because I sold a 66 2nd print right before the news broke for $25.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Great list Ben.

  • vanix

    Love a fresh injection of new books. Few there i was unaware of. Thanks!

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    That Ms. Marvel #2 Molina auction “sold” by that zero feedback seller on eBay certainly did look shilly. Hard to say how “in demand” a book really is with multiple overpriced slabs sitting on eBay week in and week out with no offers.

    I can’t believe Walking Dead 1 didn’t make the list this week. It may be an obvious choice but the book has seen marked gains in all grades since the last list. It is simply on fire (even more so than Saga 1).

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      Ms Marvel 2 has been gradually going up in price over the last few months. Do some research. Even if this was a case of shilling it doesn’t take away the fact that this has been a HOT book.

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      I am the buyer of the Ms Marvel #2 for close to $900, it was a real sale. I have been watching this site for a while, not sure why everybody always assumes the worst case scenario, I wanted the comic, it is a very high grade copy and sometimes you have to pay retail if you want something…



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    Yeah I agree JDR. MUST BE SHILLED, the book can’t be in demand. Last few sales on eBay are at $500 to $600. Those must be fake as well. I bet people are selling to each other to inflate the prices. Now before anyone jumps down my throat, this was all sarcasm. JDR always good for a complaint in the top 10. Why don’t you try writing one for a change and let us critique you.

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      If the book’s presence on the Top 10 (this week) based on that one shilly looking zero feedback ebay sale (something even acknowledged by the author), then yes, that is fair game and worth questioning.

      And if ever asked by the owners of the site to prepare a “Top 10, I would be more than happy to, and would also be more than happy to receive any feedback either way, positive or negative. I would expect nothing less from the internet. 😉

      • Khoi Cakes

        I don’t see any issues with you stating your opinions. But anytime a hot book jumps in value, I think it warrants an appearance especially if that book has been commanding high prices. If you have followed the trend on this book, almost every time a raw is listed, it has increased in value. I get it, you may not agree with the methodology, but it’s not a reason to discredit the writer. As for the WD1, I think it’s one of those books that you just expect to increase in value b/c it’s a modern blue chip. I guess you would say there’s no element of surprise to it.

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        JDR you see that’s your problem your looking at one sale instead of looking at the history of the book. The writer even says he isn’t sure if that sale can be trusted, but the previous sales data backs it up. Do your homework before you talk @$!#.

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    Yay glad to see the top ten back. Excellent list!

  • jason jones

    Good list, but in the future I’d like it better if you’d include more comics I own. Just a thought. ?

  • AnthonyL

    I’d love to see a complainers top 10….

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    Forced me to buy the wolverine 66 2nd print, my wallet thanks you. Love the list.

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    It seems that the Reborn #1 NYCC Con Exclusive will be the one to get instead of the 1:100. It will most likely end up with the lower print run and will be harder to get.

    It’s already drying up on Ebay, and the price is creeping up catching and surpassing the 1:100. Most of the recent sales have been of the NYCC Exclusive and I think people are realizing now which one to bank on. There aren’t many left!

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    There’s a really cool Wolverine #66 DF variant with an awesome retro hulk 181 like cover from the late Herb Trimp.

    I believe there only 1999 or maybe 3000 made.

    Could be worth picking up!!

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    I am the buyer of the Ms Marvel #2 for close to $900, it was a real sale. I have been watching this site for a while, not sure why everybody always assumes the worst case scenario, I wanted the comic, it is a very high grade copy and sometimes you have to pay retail if you want something…



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    I would like to see a JDR top ten. Please let that happen. I can see him ready to pump up some Mera first appearances or swampman.

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