Captain Marvel #3 – 1:25 Art Adams Variant – July 2014

Captain Marvel #3 1:25 Art Adams VariantWelcome back my friends! It is another episode of Covers from the Unknown! This week I give you a variant that could see a nice bump, sooner or later, by a legendary artist. It also is a comic that does not get a lot of love……possible because not a lot of fans know it is out there. I present to you, Captain Marvel #3, from the 2014 series, the 1:25 variant by Arthur Adams. In my opinion, with the Captain Marvel movie, eventually coming out, all her great covers and variants will see some heat. This one will be one of those books. Especially with Adams as the artist.

As of this moment, the ‘bay and amazon have exactly one of these for sale. And in terms of other online stores, I am only counting one other that has it for sale. Why is that you ask? Well the regular issue had a print run of 22k, so that means being a 1:25, there are only 880 of these out there. If you can find these out there, you better grab em! With a low print run, a movie coming out, and a great artist, this comic could see some movement soon! Good luck and Happy Hunting Fellas!


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