The Unpressable Defects 24

In this issue …. Iron Man rumors/spoilers, contest winners are announced, shoutouts, corrections and retractions, Klownshock #1 is mentioned (because why not?), X-23, Mexican Cosmopolitan and a lot more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


This week's song is Giorgios in Different Area Codes (Daft Punk X Ludacris) by Maorish.

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  • andmethis

    This was a great episode. A lot of comic conversation, and some strong opinions. Thanks as always. Khoi’s doing everyone’s taxes.

  • dpiercy

    Lots of fun. Enjoyed the SS discussion; normally don’t like writing on my books either, but there are exceptions. Seegoooo!

  • jason jones

    Judgement night soundtrack!

  • Avatar

    Great conversation guys. Enjoyed the SS discussion, with the new law coming to California and that possibly spreading some of these books may see a spike.

  • Avatar

    For Hacktivist, the only variant worth picking up is the ComicsPro variant because only 250 of them were made.

  • Avatar

    There is a rumor going around that Comicxposure is going to change their broken google voice support number to Mel’s cell.

    Chris S

  • Avatar

    Great podcast! I love all the talk about the various artists!

  • Avatar

    Great conversation guys regarding the secret variant. I had a guy want $500 on the Venom secret Dell Otto variant. I told him last week exactly what you stated today. No way I am spending $500 on a book without seeing the cover or condition.
    I would love to give a shout out to Bad Lemon Comics. I was notified they had one left last week of the Ghost Rider 1 variant. I grabbed it right away. We all want to make a buck, I totally understand that. But I also look at it from the collectors perspective. I love Dell Otto’s work and cannot wait to have that as part of my collection. It will join my pink Harley Quinn 1 cover 🙂

  • Avatar

    Loved the talk on great artists to meet in person. Keep it up guys.

  • Avatar

    Another Awesome episode! If yall aren’t doing it already – definitely check out the live stream on Wed nights on YouTube! Its awesome to read all the live comments and you might see Jimmy doing live moustache sketches!

  • Avatar

    Started listening but had to mute it as I have not read Infamous Iron Man yet. When I heard the talk about the judgement night soundtrack talk I found that and listened to it on the way home. I remember having that cassette tape for Judgement night.

  • Avatar

    Great show once again gentlemen, Shaun great meeting you on Saturday nice books at a nice price can’t wait for the monthly meet ups !

  • Avatar

    I greatly appreciate all the people that take time to produce the great content on this site simply because they love comics.

  • Avatar

    I stopped by two of my LCSs today in LA and asked about the Cave Carson tape at both. One shop had their copy on sale for $100 and the other had it for $50. I think it will continue to cool (but wtf do I know).

    Couldn’t make the meet-up at Hi De Ho — excited to hear it’s going to be a regular thing!

    Will Domino be the Negasonic Teenage Warhead of Deadpool 2? Or, worse yet, the Marrow…?

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the props on my Spider Gwen cover guys!

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