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After last week I was expecting all weeks were going to have lots of great looking comics forever, but picking the books this week was a bit of a struggle … Don't get me wrong! Some good books coming out but there's nothing spectacular out (other than Cowboys and Insects but my love for Shaky Kane is legendary).

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 DKIII: The Master Race #6 Frank Miller 1:100 and Jim Lee 1:500 Variants

With a couple of issues left (possibly more) on this series and due to the delays, demand will probably get smaller and so will print runs, but the people who started these sets will still want to complete them. All of this to say, some places might sell it cheaper so keep an eye out for them …

1567292_xlTrinity #2 Frank Cho Variant

Frank Cho might be off Wonder Woman variant cover duties, but here's something to keep the hunger away until Frank Cho becomes the regular Harley Quinn variant artist.

kiss01-cov-m-incen50-montes-signed-600x900KISS #1 1:50 Signed Variant

The KISS ARMY love KISS like people love their kids. Dynamite are putting out a 1:50 variant signed by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. It's quite safe to assume this will make money.

1567638_xlCowboys and Insects

It's been a while since I have mentioned a book only because I happen to love the creative team, but I see this book having a chance. Same creative team as Bulletproof Coffin and it's a one-shot by an indie publisher, so we can assume a small print run. Hine and Kane fans will be all over this, but might not have heard about it.

1587792_xlDie Kitty Die #1 Darwyn Cooke 1:25 Variant

Small publisher, Darwyn Cooke ratio cover … You know the rest of the story.


1560366_xlLove and Rockets #1

Love and Rockets is back and if you haven't read any Love and Rockets by now (a) what's wrong with you? and (b) it's probably not up your alley. Plenty of people excited out there to get the Hernandez Bros back on their beloved characters.

1567927_xlSouthern Nightgown #1

JSC does half of the wraparound cover on this Rothic comic. I really can't say much more other than it might be one of those books people forget about getting today.

Infamous Iron Man #1Infamous Iron Man #1 Essad Ribic 1:25 Variant

I am not particularly excited about this book personally, but it looks like a big part of Marvel's plans and it's written by Bendis so you know it will have some influence in the general Marvel direction. With all the variants it has, it seems kinda weird that the scarcest ratio variant will be a 1:25 …

Deadpool: Too Soon #1Deadpool: Too Soon #1

Marvel's “funny” characters and the Punisher (because why not?) get together to try to solve a murder mystery. One of those things that could be fun or a complete disaster, but I really liked the cover.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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    Definitely an eclectic group of offerings for this week. I think you’re right about the KISS issue having a cult following. Might be tough to find the 1:50.

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    I bought the kickstarter for the Die Kitty Die. Dan Parent has another kickstar going for the next Die Kitty Die book and I believe there is an option to get the first trade with the Daryn Cooke cover which I recommend. Its a great book to get

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    Does Marvel really have a “direction”? I know it was weird today, but I thought Janin’s Batman #9 cover was the best of the week. Excited for his turn on this book.

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