Bizarro’s One for 10/19/16


Bizarro have tough time this week picking favorite covers. Bizarro pick mos smart covers. This week Bizarro love only 8 cover. That ok that there only 8 because Bizarro buy multiple of all and still spend lots of money.

1567165_xlAquaman Vol 6 #9 Cover A

Bizarro needs to read why Chewbacca is hugging Aquaman wif one hand! Bizarro must know, Bizarro Must Buy!

1567183_xlCave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #1 Cover B

Bizarro not know why Cave Man need tiny robot eye. It will fit in giant man head. Bizarro will buy and find out!

1567297_xlWacky Raceland #5 Cover B

Such action packed cover! Nothing say “Awesome Post Apocalyptic Monster Car Death Race” like this Fashion Show Cover! This very detail drawn like on inside book. Bizzaro Love it!

1567380_xlThrowaways #4

Nothing is more exciting to Bizarro like floating knife in clean room. Bizarro bet book about floating knife that help people. Bizarro buy many copy for when floating knife get TV show.

1587778_xlBlack Panther Vol 6 #7 Cosplay Cover

This is definitely one of Bizarro's most favorite covers this week. So action packed, exciting detail, realistic outfit and spear. Bizarro not want to mess wif this guy. He look like stepped out of Marvel movie screen. Bizarro impressed.

1587786_xlPatsy Walker AKA Hellcat #11 Cover D

Why Hell Cat is smiling while giant red hair lady step on her feet? Hell Cat must be weak to stand that. Add in dancing yellow Batman head circle and Bizarro think winner! Bizarro see why book is Marvel best seller and need 4 covers.

1567495_xlUnbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 #13

Bizarro love how Squirrel Girl is killing squirrel and squirrel whisper Ant-Man. It very exciting cover. Complex coloring really help make Bizarro want to read. Since it regular cover Bizarro invest all Bizarro Jr college fund in buying this cover because none could be found at Local Comic Shop or online anywhere. Bizarro love it and need many copies!

1587800_xlNinjak Vol 3 #20 Cover D

This is Bizarro most love cover of week EVER! Action pack, look like Ninjak will stab all building. Look out building, Ninjak is here! Buildings not stand chance against Ninjak! Bizarro buying copies and send all 1.0 copies to grading. Bizarro investing in many copies of book! If you not have near mint copy then don’t send Bizarro Google hangout request.

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