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220px-frank_cho_at_wondercon_2010_2Frank Cho started his career doing a little community newspaper strip called “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”. Liberty Meadows, which he's best known for started out as a syndicated newspaper strip. If you think getting a comic published is a feat, that's a cake walk compared to getting newspaper syndication. Not to mention Liberty Meadows also won Cho several awards. People might want to keep that in mind when they cast shade Cho's way. The accomplishment of Liberty Meadows gives him the status his detractors could only dream of. Liberty Meadows has been collected in various forms over the years so it's fairly accessible and easy to find.frank-cho-shanna-002

Cho's volume of work might not be as massive as some artist. What he lacks in quantity he definitely makes up for in quality. Liberty Meadows lead directly to him being offered the opportunity to revamp Shanna the She-Devil. Years later he would return to Shanna when he wrote and illustrated the Marvel Now Savage Wolverine #1-5.


Frank has also drawn his fair share of covers and male characters. Totally Awesome Hulk #1-4, The Ultimate Ultimates with writer Jeph Loeb. A couple of issues of Marvel Knights Spider-man and New Avengers. So Cho is definitely not a one trick pony. His current project is Skybourne for Boom! Studios.


Now Cho has always drawn attractive Women, even as far back as Liberty Meadows. Last year Frank Cho came under fire for his support of legendary erotic artist Milo Manara and the whole Spider-Woman variant fiasco. Which only really served to give another artist who will remain nameless an extension of his 15 minutes of fame at Cho's expense.

Most recently Cho had to leave the Wonder Woman title do to some conflict. In my opinion he was the perfect Wonder Woman cover artist. While debatable, I think he was better suited than Adam Hughes to draw Wonder Woman covers. Making his departure as variant cover artist as of issue #6 that much more heart breaking… But hey, saves me 3 bucks a month now, so not all bad.


One of the reason I’ll pick up just about anything Frank Cho draws is because I always know what to expect. Strong, beautifully drawn woman who are not damsels in distress but can bring the pain. Strong females rising up, not being held down. Which is something Frank excels at. Cho's no different from thousands of artists that have come before. Artists have always been seduced by the beauty and power of woman. The female form is seductive in its subtleties. As an artist myself, I can attest to that.


Sure he throws in some boob jokes here and there, but humor like that doesn't lessen the characters unless you, the reader, allow it to. That's SJW's projecting their/yours feelings onto his art. And fun fact, by doing so you validate it as truly worthy art. Since art by definition is supposed to invoke an emotional response. That's right, every time you get upset by a Frank Cho “Outrage” sketch cover, you validated his work. Frank's trolling the SJW's and they just keep falling for it.frank-cho-liberty-meadows

Frank Cho is the champion of cheesecake and one of the few mainstream artist not ashamed of being a red-blooded male. If reading this has been your first exposure to the totally awesomeness of Frank Cho I implore you to check out his website if you'd like to learn more.

Inigo has updated the Frank Cho cover checklist to accompany this article.


  • Avatar

    Great article Skot! Love Cho’s sketches.

  • Lillington

    Frank Cho is my favorite artist, not only can he deliver the covers, he can bring on the interiors as well.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Great article. Cho’s very good with anatomy and I feel he’s undervalued/appreciated.

  • Avatar

    Cho seems to circle just below being recognized as a superstar. His time will come.

  • Avatar

    My daughter is using Frank Cho’s and Terry Moore’s How to Draw books to improve her drawing ability. I’ve loved Frank Cho’s work since University2. I feel that he falls into the trap of being consistently good as also suffered by Terry Moore and the Hernandez brothers. They should all be superstars.

    • Skot Whitman

      Cho’s drawing book is pure gold. Every artist should have it on their book shelf.
      A couple other art books I’d recommend.

      The Human Figure, by David K Rubins
      An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artist, by W. Ellenberger
      Drawing for All it’s Worth, by Andrew Loomis
      Constructive Anatomy, By George Bridgman

      Comic Related:
      The DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics: Inside the Art of Visual Storytelling By Carl Potts and Jim Lee
      DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics, by Mark Chiarello
      Dynamic Anatomy, by Burne Hogarth
      Panel Discussions: Design in Sequential Art Storytelling by Durwin Talon and Mark Schultz

  • Avatar

    Love Cho along with Kirkham and Myers I feel those three are waiting to break though. Cho’s been hovering but more for the controversy than his art. Hopefully his time comes soon.

    • Skot Whitman

      Love what Meyer’s has been doing the past few years. Kirkham is on the verge of blowing up. Cho’s probably going to be that slow burn to greatness. People who know what’s up are already on the Frank Cho train, it’s everyone else that’s late to the party.

  • Gwenpool4President

    He has some many great covers and I’m looking forward to seeing more Skybourne issues!

  • Avatar

    Great article! I’ve long been a fan of Cho’s work, from Liberty Meadows, on. He’s definitely in the classical style, and I just scratch my head at some of the flak he gets. I was actually lucky enough to snag an original Ms Marvel piece he did for the Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure line and it’s one of my favorite pieces of original art.

  • misfit138

    He’s very skilled. I just wish he had a style that jumped out at me and screamed, that’s a Frank Cho. I feel he’s in the class just below, Dell’Otto, JSC (not a fan), AH, Granov, & J.G. Jones and prices reflect that.

  • Avatar

    I love Cho’s work. If he could land a big name character for an extended run his star would rise. Sure he’s done a few issues of Spiderman, & the Avengers, but I’d like to see him as the regular artist on say, Superman or the Flash.
    His Wonder Woman covers were great, and emphasised the Amazon aspect rather than simple cheesecake (IMHO).
    And as for OUTRAGE!, some of those complaining should read Liberty Meadows. Brandy was portrayed as a strong independant woman, and not just a sexy babe. LM was a terrific book that deserves more love than it gets. Wish Cho would revisit it for a mini series oncevin awhile.

  • Avatar

    Frank Cho is one of those artists in which every time you look at his work, it looks better each time. This is normally the opposite with most artists, you notice quirks, anatomy problems when looking at most artists work a few times.

  • AnthonyL

    There has never been anyone as skilled with a pen and paper as Frank Cho is in my opinion. His ball point pen drawings are the works of a true master. His cross hatching mesmerized me….

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