Special Crazy for Connecting Covers Edition

Going to change things up a bit this week by highlighting connecting covers. I’ve stated before that I view comic book covers as small pieces of art. When connecting covers are introduced, not only do the individual comics depict something visually stimulating but form part of a much larger image when put together looks even more stunning!


Ultimate Comics Ultimate X-Men 14/Ultimate Comics Ultimate 13/Ultimate Comics Ultimate Spider-Man 13

All three of these are beautiful examples of Adi Granov’s cover art but combined they look even better!


All-New X-Men 1/Uncanny Avengers 1/Avengers 1 Midtown Exclusives

J. Scott Campbell loves to do exclusive covers for Midtown Comics that connect. More examples to follow.


Amazing Spider-Man 9-14 Dell’Otto Variants

Another very popular artist with some amazing artwork that had to be divided up between 6 covers. I really wonder how long it takes an artist to draw something like this…seems very daunting!


Serenity: Better Days 1-3

Can’t do a connecting cover article with some of the industry’s best artists without including Adam Hughes. I guess he doesn’t really like the connecting covers as this was the only set I could find.


Blackest Night: Batman 1-3

I didn’t know these existed until I saw Van Denby’s article on Bill Sienkiewicz variants. If you aren’t reading that article every time Van posts a new one, I suggest you do…its always full of great information and beautiful art from some of today’s best creators. I always spend more money after I read one of Van’s articles!


X-Men 1 different covers

Here is one of Jim Lee’s entries into the connecting cover genre. This book came out at the height of my collecting phase in my high school years. I can’t stand the sight of it now since its so overprinted but at the time it was very exciting to have just one of these covers as part of my collection.

I’ll stop there for this week but I have plenty of other examples of connecting covers if my loyal readers(cough Ben C and Khoi cough) are interested. If you want me to go back to cover swipes next week just say the word! Thanks again for reading!


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