The Demon #53 – December 1994 by John McCrea

demon_vol_3_53Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It's time for another episode of Covers from the Unknown! This week I present a comic that caught me completely off guard. I give you The Demon #52, from December 1994, with a very cool cover by John McCrea. So what exactly caught me off guard about this cover? Well, this was released in 1994. But 17 years later, a comic that is now considered a key was released…..that comic being What if Venom Possessed Deadpool #1. That cover look familiar? So, is What If a cover swipe of Demon #53??? Just take a look for yourself, and you be the judge.

What If Venom Possessed Deadpool

In my opinion, this comic may see some slight heat on it, for no other reason then the Deadpool swipe. On top of that, this was one of the last issues of the series, so you know that means a lower print run. Also, a white cover makes for a very hard find in the high grades! If you can find one in the wild, get one! Or if you choose, go to the bay, and expect to pay about $5-$8. There are a few out there. Good Luck and Happy Hunting Fellas!

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