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Weeks seem fuller now that Marvel's back in the game. A few great comics this week, some high-ratio variants, Night of the Monster-Men ends, Jenny Frison's Wonder Woman covers are still great, we get the greatest sexy saxman beefcake cover ever (Joelle Jones' Lost Boys #1 variant), Andy Diggle gets on Bond, Black Monday Murders gets a bunch of reprints, and Julian Totino Tedesco is still underrated (loving his Solo #1 Champions variant). And all of that is just what I didn't mention below …

Clone Conspiracy #1Clone Conspiracy #1 Regular Cover Clone Conspiracy #1 Jim Cheung 1:50 VariantClone Conspiracy #1 Jim Cheung 1:50 Variant

As a collector, kudos to Marvel for making Dell'Otto's the regular cover … It's a missed opportunity spec wise, but it will be nice to be able to get this at cover price, right? That 1:50 is also pretty cool.

So, it's Slott's latest Spider-Event … I really liked Spider-Verse and right after it I stopped reading Spider-Man entirely, but I think I will give this a try as it's just got too much going for it: Dell'Otto + Slott + Cheung + apparently under-ordered (according to Slott, but he's probably right).

Darth Vader #25 Joe Quesada 1:200 VariantDarth Vader #25 Joe Quesada 1:200 Variant

Last issue of Darth Vader comes with a million covers and this will be the one to get. It's Star Wars, it's a high ratio cover and it looks great. Nuff said!!!

Solo #1 Rob Liefeld 1:50 VariantSolo #1 Rob Liefeld 1:50 Variant

No matter how weird the cover looks, “Deadpool by Liefeld” collectors will want this. There's also a 1:100 B&W version but it looks even weirder.

Peepland #1Peepland #1

A crime story set in 80's NYC in the world of punk-rock and pornography sounds very interesting, which is probably the reason why this seems to be headed to instant sellout.

Mosaic #1 Khary Randolph 1:25 VariantMosaic #1 Khary Randolph 1:25 Variant

While we are all still scratching our heads wondering if there's any appeal to this character, his series hits … I personally would pass on it, but if I find this variant at cover price I might get it. Not the greatest of endorsements, but Marvel has moved way too fast with this one.

Electric Sublime #1Electric Sublime #1

Another new series that seems to have captured people's attention. It already looks fascinating art-wise and the story sounds like something Grant Morrison could have come up with. A change in a famous piece of art that's poisoning people's minds and an insane art-detective who's supposed to solve the case … Interesting.

Deathstroke #4Deathstroke #4

Deathstroke will be in Affleck's Batman movie so it was a matter of time before they go at it in comics too. The Shane Davis variant features both of them fighting, but I much prefer this one. In any case, this is a Christ Priest comic so for all of you who are expecting just a fight, you might want to check Deathstroke's last volume instead.

All Star Batman #3 Jock VariantAll Star Batman #3 Jock Variant

I think we all agree that Batman works really well as the smartest guy in the room who's always ready for every possible problem. I also think that seeing him go dirty fighter on hordes of his enemies is a welcome change of pace. In this issue, Batman fights the KGBeast.

Great Lakes Avengers #1Great Lakes Avengers #1

As Howard the Duck comes to an end this week, a new funny book rises to take its place. It will probably have low sales too and it's a pity because it looks great. I was not familiar with the artist on this until I saw the preview and it has a really nice Adams / Bradshaw feel to his style. Give this a try, you never know … The GLA mini from years ago was a lot of fun.

Supergirl #2 Bengal VariantSupergirl #2 Bengal Variant

The first issue was fun, art was great and Bengal gives us an amazing cover that's (second-hand) iconic and not cheesecakey at all, really like it.

Reborn #1 Sketch 1:100 VariantReborn #1 Sketch 1:100 Variant

I know, I know, rule #23 of the specbook says you never, under no circumstance, spec on Millar … This book, though, has Capullo going for it and there are a lot of people out there who got hooked on Capullo. Just saying! Also, look out for the McFarlane 1:25 Variant.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • Avatar

    Great list as usual! Also love the Norman #5 cover c (action figure).

  • JaredrBarber

    Regarding the “Reborn #1 Sketch 1:100 Variant”, I feel it’s ironic that this one comes out shortly after Stephenson’s big speech this year regarding variants.

    The Quote from Image Publisher Eric Stephenson,

    “If you are a retailer ordering more copies of a comic than you can sell simply to qualify for a variant incentive: Stop.

    Variants don’t build a lasting readership on the books you’re trying to sell. At best, they pay short-term dividends; at worst, they deprive fans of something that is limited in nature. All comics should be for everyone. Not just collectors. Not just whoever has the most cash on hand.

    By the same token, if you are a publisher trying to force your comics into the marketplace with exclusive variants retailers can only order by irresponsibly increasing their orders: Stop.

    You’re getting a short-term sales boost at best, and you don’t benefit from stacks of unsold books cluttering up the stands or being shoved into dollar boxes”.

    I’ll personally be waiting for this one to cool down.

  • JaredrBarber

    I’m looking forward to reading the Supergirl series. You got me hooked on checking out the story, as if it’s fun, I’m in! Thanks for the super duper article!

  • tsouthammavong

    What’s with Solo’s right hand on the Solo #1 cover? Is that a thumb? Where’s the other four fingers? How is he holding the knife? lol Liefield strikes again.

  • Avatar

    I totally agree. First I think variant is just a excuse to make money for retailers and only accessible for customers with money in their pocket. Second, I think there should be one and only one unique cover of every issue, that’s what make beautiful, and again, unique a book. What I cannot stand to see is sometimes 5,6,10 different covers of the same issue (and some of them as ugly as the next one) with pictures that have anything to do with the issue, title, story arc, or whatever you want to call it on it. WTF means a drawing of Black Panther in a Jessica Jones book if he is not in the comic of a Champions cover in a Spiderman comic that has anything to do with it… Really STUPID. I only buy x11 codes (issue number, first cover, first printing) unless is something beautiful like a Sienkiewicz paint or a cool drawing like Jock’s All-Star Batman.
    But hey, it is only my personal opinion… 😉

  • Avatar

    Titan comics has peaked my interest with the new Peepland, Triggerman, and Mummy comics. Should be good stories. There were at least 4 covers released for each comic’s first issue so not sure if there is any value in one cover versus another but I am looking forward to reading them.

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