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Rose Wilson AKA the 4th Ravager finally showed up inside Deathstroke #3 two weeks ago. With Deathstroke #4 hitting shelves today, it seems like as good a time as any to talk about Rose Wilson. Sure she's appeared on the cover of Deathstroke #1 and as a cell phone cameo in issue #2. However, until issue #3 we've had no sense of what Rose Wilson's character was going to be like this time around.


Shoutout to Mel Vaughan, Zack Gustafson and Rush Patel for discussing this on the g+ page a couple of weeks ago. Zack's post inspired me to finally get this all figured out.

Rose has been around for a while in assorted books like Deathstroke and Teen Titans. Problem is she's more of a background character and really doesn't become interesting until she becomes Ravager.


Deathstroke #15 Yes this is the first appearance of Rose Wilson, but not of Rose as Ravager. She's just a child. This falls into the same debate as Illyana AKA Magik in Giant Size X-Men #1. Do you care about the first appearance of a character as a child? Do you care about the first non-costume appearances of a character? Personally, I think it's a valid key issue for Rose. A character named Rose Wilson never appeared before this issue.

It's sorta like Cindy Moon aka Silk. Cindy Moon's first appearance is ASM vol3 #1, a book with a pretty hefty print run working against it. ASM Vol3 #4 is the first Silk. That seems to be the book the market has chosen, her first appearance in costume. In the case of Ravager, knowing for certain which issue she appears in costume for the first time has not been locked down. So the question is, what is her first appearance as the 4th Ravager?


Teen Titans Wizard #1/2  seems to be associated with her first appearance as Ravager, but it's only on the cover and concept drawings inside. However, it's a story that directly leads up to Rose becoming Ravager, but at this point she hasn't officially taken up the moniker yet.

Also it's important to point out that Deathstroke never says “Rose you're going to be the new Ravager”. He basically says “we're going to erase the Ravagers and replace them with something better”. She never appears in costume or is called or referred to as Ravager in the #1/2 story.

It's also unclear whether this book actually came out before Teen Titans #8. I haven't found anything definitive to prove that one way or the other. It appears some information has come to light that this book was released 6 months after Teen Titans #8 making it not even close to her first appearance in costume.

Teen Titans #8 (2004). First in continuity appearance of Rose Wilson as the 4th Ravager. It's a cliffhanger cameo on the last page. Much like Grail in Justice League #40. It is the first time Rose shows up in the pages of a comic donning the Ravager costume as you can see above. With the Wizard 1/2 coming out much later, this is Rose Wilson's  first appearance as Ravager.


Teen Titans #9 (2004). Second in continuity appearance of Rose Wilson as the 4th Ravager. It's only a couple pages with Deathstroke and they are killing some monks. This fits my definition of a cameo since it's so brief. I guess it's a second cameo actually.

Teen Titans #11 (2004). Depending if you're into the whole cameo or full debate, this is the first full appearance of Rose as Ravager. She's in the issue throughout and has just as much visibility as any of the other Titans. It's also her second cover appearance.

Teen Titans #12 (2004). I think this issue is pretty key, since it's the issue where Rose cuts her own eye out to prove herself to Deathstroke. I think it's a pretty major event in a character's life when they cut their own eye out completely by choice. But, hey, maybe that's just me.

Batgirl Vol 1 Issue #64: Batgirl vs Ravager. I've mentioned this book before back in the 4th Batgirl article. Basically Batgirl sends Ravager to the hospital in order to make Deathstroke retreat. It's a pretty cool issue since they actually fight.

Nightwing #112-117. Short version, she has to go learn how to fight from Nightwing and Slade is there throughout the story being his Deathstroke'ish self.


Teen Titans #34-100 (2006). Rose is reformed and now a member of the Titans. Some of the Titans are not too thrilled about it. Ravager appears regularly from issue #34 till the end of the series in issue #100.

Another option if you want to read more about Rose as Ravager but don't feel like buying individual issues check out the Ravager: Fresh Hell TPB. It collects Teen Titans #71-82 except #78 for some reason.

Terror Titans #1-6. Ravager is one of the main characters in this mini series. She faces off against Clock King at the end. Issue #2 is pretty cool with plenty of Ravager in action.

Superboy #7 (2012). I haven't read it, but I know she's in it because she's on the cover. Rose is involved with this N.O.W.H.E.R.E. group is about all I can tell you.


Teen Titans Go #49. If your into the animated series comics this is probably worth tracking down. Simply because it's a Ravager appearance and low print run. I think it might be her only TT Go! appearance. Regardless Todd Nauck draws this issue and I really dig how cute he makes her look. Don't get me wrong, doom and gloom is cool and who doesn't love crazy… But it's a nice change of pace. Plus she whoops up the Titans.

While I really enjoyed the last Deathstroke series… I really don't know if I'd call Rose's appearances in it essential or key. There's some cool artwork there, so definitely worth a look if you're a Rose Wilson fan.

Well, that does it for me, See you all next week!


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