Bizarro’s One 10/12/16

Bizarro is overcome wif grief how poor article was received, Bizarro hates you all an want to punch in faces.

1567209_xlFlash Vol 5 #8 Cover B

So much action and excitement, Bizarro understand why he call Flash wif cover like this!

1567261_xlRed Hood And The Outlaws Vol 2 #3 Cover A

Why come not show Bizarro’s beautiful face, they not show Bizarro on every cover but always inside book, make bizarre happy.

1567265_xlScooby Apocalypse #6 Cover B

Velma try to kiss Bizarro and everyone look happy in glasses, what not to hate.

1568065_xlRevolution #3 Cover C

This most exiting cover of the week for Bizarro, See Action Now!, sign Bizarro up!

1568067_xlRevolution #3 Cover E

Bizarro buy this cover too, sad Rom fighting happy Micronauts is must read for Bizarro. this is why Bizarro buy both cover.

1586496_xlGreat Lakes Avengers #1 Cover F

Action pack very detail cover art! Bizarro love it so much!

1560040_xlHoward The Duck Vol 5 #11

Bizarro love Howard Duck, this is Marvel best selling title and wif cover like this, Bizarre see why.

1567464_xlMoon Knight Vol 8 #7

Bizarro love how earth grow out of hairface man’s head.

Bizarre will not be back next week. Bizarre hate you and never do this again.

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