Variant Heat Check for 10/11/16



Wonder Woman #1 Lee Gold Foil Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: radioactive

There are very few of these available for sale, and the auctions are going crazy with a few days left. If you don’t know about these, read my other article.

Deadpool Back in Black #1 Kirkham KRS Variant


HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Well, everyone saw this coming from a mile away and it still exploded. There is quite the demand for this great cover (swipe?) by Kirkham!

Monsters Unleashed NYCC Retailers Variant


HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

What an awesome connecting cover set! And really rare, as it was passed out at the Diamond retailers meeting at NYCC. The Secret Wars Ross set from last year still sells pretty well.


Harley Quinn #1 Edicion Especial Photo Variant

Bonus Book!

Ok, maybe I don’t hate foreign variants after all…

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


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