All-New Wolverine, Bearded Punisher, Warren Ellis, The Dominion and Deathstroke!

All New Wolverine 1 ( Fried Pie Variant )

The hottest comic rumor concerning a film’s character change since Sebastian Stan taking over as Cap hit this week. It’s looking pretty good for X-23 and if she becomes Wolverine in the film then look out for the All New Wolverine books. I’m with the guy who brought up All New, All Different Marvel Point 1 ( variant, 2015 ) as her first appearance/first cover but I also kind of like this Fried Pie Variant that no one is really talking about.


The Punisher Volume 4 #18

Filming for Netflix’s Punisher series started up this past week and Frank Castle has a beard! Will he for the entire season? If you are a collector of bearded heroes then here’s Frank Castle’s first appearance with one. It’s also a final issue so the print run is probably smaller than any other issue from this series.

Punisher #18

Fire From Heaven: Sword of Damocles

Warren Ellis is returning to Wildstorm which is returning to the DC universe. Ellis might be the only really good writer to have even done anything of importance at Wildstorm. His Stormwatch run is the only Stormwatch run worth reading. There are some other, far superior stories that Ellis worked on for Wildstorm but his first effort was in this prelude.

Sword of Damocles #1

Shonen Jump September 1987

Takashi Miike is adapting Jojo's Bizarre Adventure into a live action film. Miike is one of the more over-the-top directors ever to work on movies and is perfectly suited to bring this wacked out comic to the big screen. I'm pretty sure this is the first appearance.


Adventure Comics 361

First appearance of the Dominion

The CW is planning a big crossover event which is going to adapt the invasion of Earth by the advanced, alien species the Dominion! Fans of comic crossover events might remember Invasion from the 80’s. It wasn’t the best crossover but DC the mini featured art from industry legend Todd McFarlane! Issue 1 is an impressive cover. This comic is worth a look if you can find a high grade newsstand version.

adventure_comics_361 invasion_1

New Teen Titans 9

Second appearance of Deathstroke

I’m not sure why so many people thought issue 10 was his second but it’s clearly issue 9.

new_teen_titans_vol_1_9 page_26


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    Re: Deathstroke. This seems to be an issue in the whole comic world regarding appearances; unless the character interacts with the main title characters or has more than 2 or 3 panels, people dismiss the appearance.

    Look at “Silk. ” ASM #1 vol. 3 clearly shows her “origin” but people call it a “cameo.” So people go nuts for #4 as first “full” appearance of Cindy Moon/Silk, but enthusiasm for #1 is as cool as heck. OK, you could argue that there is a difference between a cameo and a full appearance but here is the Cambridge English Dictionary definition of cameo: “a small but noticeable part in a film or play, performed by a famous actor.” I would argue that the “small but noticeable pat in a “comic”” is still a first appearance even if it is technically/etymologically a cameo. Also, people seem to think that a character in their superhero guise is different to the everyday person: THEY’RE THE SAME PERSON!

    Anyway, I think that any appearance, if the character is clearly recognisable, whether in costume or not, dialogue spoken or not, is an appearance. So I am with you, this is definitely 2nd Deathstroke. Which IMHO makes ASM #1 the first appearance of Cindy Moon/Silk. But from an investment point of view, people would prefer to say #4 due to lower print run, especially the variant. (I have gone on a bit more than I meant to, oops!)

    • Topher

      Well said sir. If 2nds matter to you then this is clearly a 2nd, making 10 the third and the crossover book a 4th. Many people love to discount certain types of cameos because they may not be important in terms of story, so for those people I say Deathstroke’s appearance in 9 gives you everything you want in a brief appearance. It should get fans stoked for issue 10 and it contributes to the upcoming narrative.

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        Thanks my good man! And thanks for another great article on CBSI, I use you guys and the CHU lads/lasses to keep an eye on trends, themes etc. I can’t always afford or get hold of the comics you highlight, but find the articles really interesting none-the-less.

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    Alan Moore wrote a landmark run of WildC.A.T.S., and I’m sure there are other strong-writer runs out there in Wildstorm land, as well. But a good piece, overall. Thanks.

    • Topher

      Thanks for reading. I may touch upon why Moore’s work on WildC.A.T.S. didn’t impress me in part 2 or my Moore spotlight.

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        No love for BKV’s “Ex Machina” published by Wildstorm? I just finished that run last night…feeling very bummed it wrapped after 50 issues. Need to fact check some of the random politico, etc. history weaved in, that aside one of the most unique and entertaining reads I’ve come across.

        So please do go forward with article on WS good and not-so-good. I was thinking to delve deeper into the WS universe but would appreciate some guidance (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash ad pages have me skeptical)

        Beyond potentially saving my dinero, it would also be cool to see a breakdown of a publisher, end-to-end…can’t hurt anyway.

        Kind Regards

        • Topher

          Thanks for the reply. I’m really not a huge fan of the Wildstorm super-heroes so it won’t be me breaking down that company history! Ex-Machina is a good read. If a company publishes enough eventually there’s going to be some worthwhile material. In Wildstorm’s case I feel like there is more drek than gold.

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            Fair enough Topher, I will limit to Ellis WS for now…keep up the great write-ups/analysis. Best site going right now

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    That cover for Teen Titans #9 is pretty awesome. I need to get one of those. Thanks

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