NYCC 2016: Wonder Woman & Bloodshot

Wonder Woman Gold Foil


pngbase641c898384266cbf9eI was attending the Jim Lee signing at the DC booth on Friday afternoon when I noticed a guy had a gold foil version of Wonder Woman #1 Rebirth.

s-l1600-2I asked the guy where he got the book, and he told me he received it at the Wonder Woman stamp unveiling event, which occurred at the DC booth at around 9:00am. I was actually outside the event waiting for the booth to open, and there couldn’t have been more than 100 people in attendance. Depending on how it was handed out, this could quite possibly be the rarest foil variant. Only time will tell if DC plans to make gold foil variants the next big thing.

Not So Secret Bloodshot Signing

pngbase649a04c9119bcb0155Although Valiant claimed that their project was top secret, everyone and their mother knew that Jason David Frank (JDF) would be playing Bloodshot in the live action series. I had received intell earlier in the day on Friday that JDF would be signing an unlimited amount of Valiant books (which is very generous considering that he normally charges $40), but I only had about 45 minutes to procure something. I found a few Valiant books in Artist Alley and headed for the mayhem on the main exhibitor floor. The line started to build up early on the con floor in anticipation of the noon signing, and by the time I arrived it was two separate lines that basically split the con floor.


I was in the second line, and it took about 30 minutes before our line would even start to move. JDF was super cool when I met him, and seemed very excited to be taking on the roll of Bloodshot. They also handed out a variant of Bloodshot #14 to every person that attended the signing. The signing caused a major buzz on the floor, which they hope will propel them to the live action films.



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