Hughes, JSC, Jim Lee, Dell’Otto, Molina … and Doritos?

Here is another round of HTF books!

Uncharted #1 Adam Hughes 1:10 Variant


Appx. Print Run: 617
Appx. NM price: $10
Did not know there was a comic based on the popular video game, and apparently no one else does either. Very rarely does DC or Marvel put out a book with as low a print run as this one had. This cover has a lot going for it: Hughes, low print run and skinny Kevin James front and center.

X-Men Legacy #5 Jorge Molina 1:50 Variant


Appx. Print Run: 696
Appx. NM price: $25
I have no idea what is happening on this cover, but it looks bad for Blindfold. Anyway, hot artist and low print run is generally a great formula, but not here, yet. There are a few of these on eBay internationally, but only 1 domestically….guess those Europeans liked Legacy more than Americans.

Superman Adventures #1, Superman #1, Batman/Superman #1 Doritos/Dollar General Variant

Appx. Print Run: ???
Appx. NM price: $15-20
How did I miss this promotion? These were mail-in giveaways as a Doritos promotion only at Dollar General back in March 2016. I would hate to guess how many of these were actually produced, but I would think it is a small number. I am interested in how these were actually shipped to people and if they ended up in the hands of collectors in high grade. As a side note, the Superman Adventures cover was drawn by the increasingly popular Jonboy Meyers.

All-New X-Factor #2 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant


Appx. Print Run: 645
Appx. NM price: $50
I like Campbell a lot, but don’t really like his team-up covers all that often. That being said, sub-1000 print run on ANY JSC variant is gold. Currently 1 on eBay.

GI Joe Cobra Civil War #0 Gabriele Dell'Otto Muzzle Flash Incentive Variant


Appx. Print run: ???
Appx. NM price: $40-50
Don’t know much about this variant. Can’t find information on the ratio (although it may be 1:10?). All I know for sure is that they took all color out of the book, there are only a couple on eBay and this is Dell ‘Otto. I have located a couple copies on a few websites, so the savvy collector may still be able to find this one on the cheap….

Django Unchained #1 Jim Lee 1:25 Variant

Django Unchained #1 Jim Lee Variant

Appx. Print run: 471
Appx. NM price: $40-50
Jim Lee is an icon. His pencils are still among the best in the business, even after all these years. When you can locate a super low print cover of his from the Big 2 for less than the cost of a new pair of kicks, it’s a no-brainer (but you have to find this first).


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