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This review of Previews Magazine is intended to bring order to the chaos and draw out all of the wonderful nuggets of goodness that are coming out in a couple of months at your LCS. Most retailers will offer 20-50% off cover price for pre-orders. Retailers may not order enough quantity for hit books and may not order certain titles at all. Pre-ordering is your chance to guarantee that you don’t miss out.

cofThe goal is to highlight new series, interesting offerings and all sorts of cool stuff for every type of collector. Unless something stands out from an already ongoing series I have left it out. I’ve also skipped the new books coming out that are for adults only (cartoon porn) to keep it more PG.

Some things to note for this installment:

  • New section: Ratio Variants that aren’t themed.
  • This is for December so lots of X-Mas themed issues. Obviously.
  • There’s a new Star Wars Series debuting around the same time as the new movie.
  • Some new cosplay issues, this time from Valiant. Cat cosplay.

Order deadline for December Previews is October 18th. Let’s get to it!

Interesting Stuff

DC Comics

stl026953 stl026959 stl027401

Blue Beetle #4 – The origin of how Jaime Reyes ended up with the scarab on his back begins.

Cyborg #6 – It looks like this issue brings us a new character…SHE-BORG! I’m not making that up. (2 covers)

Justice League/Suicide Squad #1, 2 (of 6) – The Justice League discovers the existence of the Suicide Squad and they are not fans. (3 covers – see theme variants)

Graphic India


Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible: Holiday Special – A special holiday one shot issue featuring short stories of Chakra and his friends. Written by Stan Lee.

IDW Publishing


GI Joe #1 – The Joes are back and their missions are global. (7 covers – see ratio and theme variants)


stl027097 stl027263 stl027187

Deadpool: Back in Black #5 – Final issue. Black costume Spidey makes an appearance. Cover A is a familiar swipe. (2 covers)

Hawkeye #1 – Kate Bishop makes her solo debut and heads to Los Angeles. (Maybe she’ll pop in to see Shaun L.?) (7 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

IVX #1 (of 6) – Inhumans vs X-Men. The Beast discovers that in 2 weeks the Earth will be uninhabitable to humans, only Inhumans. (11 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Star Wars: Classified #1, 2 – An all-new, TOP-SECRET ongoing Star Wars series begins. (7 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Totally Awesome Hulk #13 – The NBA’s Jeremy Lin makes a guest appearance. (2 covers – see theme variants)

Titan books


Hookjaw #1 (of 5) – Students studying great white sharks get caught between Somali pirates and the US Navy. Plus the CIA is interested in the study. All this and let’s throw in the legendary great white named Hookjaw into the mix. (5 covers)

New Series – Premium Publishers

Dark Horse

stl026673 stl026687 stl026689

Aliens vs Predator: Life and Death #1 – Will it be a 3 way battle or will the Predators join forces with the Colonial Marines against the Aliens? (3 covers – see theme variants)

Dead Inside #1 – Murders inside county jails are usually easy to solve. Not this time. (2 covers)

Shadows on the Grave #1 – B&W tales of terror from Richard Corben.

DC Comics

stl027475 stl027477 stl027479

DC Rebirth 2016 Holiday Special #1 – Celebrate the holidays with your favourite DC heroes.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ground Zero #1 – This series bridges the gap between the recently concluded INJUSTICE digital first series and the upcoming Injustice 2 game. (2 covers)

Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol 2 #1 – The team up worked well for Volume 1. New foes will test the alliance in Volume 2. (4 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Supergirl: Being Super #1 – A coming-of-age story featuring Kara dealing with being a teenager.

IDW Publishing

stl026679 stl026676 stl026693

Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant’s Fury #1 – The Baldur’s Gate heroes square off against giants in a frozen tundra. (3 covers – see theme variants)

Gumballs #1 – A brightly colored anthology featuring diverse stories of humanity. (2 covers)

Jem: Misfits #1 – The Misfits consider getting on top by doing a reality TV show. (4 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

stl026650 stl026692 stl026626

Locke and Key: Small World #1 – An impossible birthday gift for two little girls unexpectedly throws open a door to a monster on eight legs. (5 covers – see theme variants)

Love is Love – Born of the Orlando shootings, with help from DC Entertainment, an oversize comic collaboration mourning the victims, supporting the survivors, celebrating the LGBTQ community, and examining love in today's world. All proceeds will be donated to Equality Florida for the victims, survivors and their families.

Revolutionaries #1 – ROM, Action Man, a GI Joe and some Transformers team up. (8 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

stl026690 stl026666 stl026641

Star Trek: New Visions – Hidden Face – The Prime Directive will be tested when the human face is the most obscene thing imaginable.

Transformers: Lost Light #1 – Things aren’t going well for the Autobots looking for Cyberutopia. (7 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

X-Files: X-Mas Special 2016 #1 – A holiday pageant includes extraterrestrial versions of the holiday ghosts of the past, present and future. (2 covers – see theme variants)


stl027546 stl027543 stl027545

Cyberforce/Artifacts #0 – Three stories explore the secret world of Cyberforce.

Motor Crush #1 – Crush will boost your bike. Problem is, the rival gangs are all fighting to get some. Domino goes after her share by night and is also part of a racing league by day. (2 covers)

Rockstars #1 – When groupies are murdered, a rock nerd is on the case.


stl027259 stl027262 stl028099

Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets #1 (of 4) – The Punisher need the good Doctor’s help with a new mafia threat. (2 covers)

Gamora #1 – Find out Gamora’s journey from Thano’s favorite daughter and assassin to Guardian of the Galaxy. (6 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Gwenpool Holiday Special 2016 #1 – Enjoy some mischief in the Marvel universe for the holidays. (4 covers – see ratio variants)

stl027264 stl027257 stl027308

Hulk #1 – Jennifer Walters tries to move on after the events from Civil War II. (9 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Mighty Captain Marvel #0 – Carol Danvers returns as the commander of Alpha Flight. (5 covers – see theme variants)

Nova #1 – Classified is back! (6 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Rocket Raccoon #1 – Rocket is stuck on Earth and badly wants to leave. (7 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

stl027309 stl027310 stl028103

Slapstick #1 – The living, breathing cartoon is striking out on his own. (7 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Star-Lord #1 – Earth has a new guardian. Also, a new bartender. (6 covers – see ratio and theme variants)

Year of Marvels: Uncanny #1 – Billed as a Halloween and Thanksgiving issue. Released in December. See what Kate Bishop and the Punisher are up to.

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