This year Adam Cormack offered to give us daily updates from NYCC. You were probably thinking by now that Adam lost it at some point during Saturday and that we would never hear about him ever again … what can we say? He's made of stronger stuff than you or I. If you haven't read his previous reports, you should start with part 1 and part 2image1Saturday is a cluster at the Javits. More cosplayers, more backpacks, less deodorant. Honestly I don't know how this many people over the age of 20 aren't able to grasp that concept. I know it gets hot and stuffy on Saturday, but that just means that Hodor should have prepared with an extra stick of Right Guard Mountain Dew.

Personally I made the move to try and swallow up as much affordable X-23 stock as possible, but it is interesting to see how many wall books have made their way back into long boxes in favor of hot variables. Fear #19 (first Howard the Duck), early Starlord appearances, Suicide Squad pre-Harley, Flash and Firestorm bronze keys all back down to earth in pecking order if not always price. The last of the damaged Pink Harley's still command a line while the good copies sit high on vendor walls for $600.


Line of the Day: For me it was Carrie Fisher who was good enough to show up 30 min early to sign, but did dump glitter on every paying customer's head. For everyone else it was still Stan Lee. One of the NYCC line wranglers told me on Friday alone Stan signed 4500 books and took 3500 photos and it's been non-stop for him all 4 days. Stan what are you doing? You can't take it with you. Go sit on a beach and get served frozen drinks by women in bikinis named Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy.

Sounds unique to NYCC: The metal barricades that fall if you bump, brush up against or breathe on them wrong causing a big metal crash sound followed by applause.

Fail of the Day: All the Negan cos-players. Could not one of you put in the extra effort and use a real bat? Fake wire fine but get a real bat, like one that an adult would use. They've all got the slick hair, the leather coat and the cheap plastic Pony League size bat from McFarlane Toys. You're not taking Glenn's head off with that thing Bub.

Non-Female CosPlay of the Day:

image2There were a few Hodor's with door strapped to their backs and this one was kind enough to use a Speed Stick.

Harley's of the Day:


Non Harley Female CosPlayer of the Day (tie):

image4 image5

Next: The Sunday Finale…


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