NYCC 16 CBSInvasion: Day Two!

This year Adam Cormack offered to give us daily updates from NYCC. If you want to read a cautionary tale about a man losing his sanity, we can only suggest you start with yesterday's part 1, but here comes part 2 …

One day at New York Comic Con and I'm like a whipped mule. I must have walked 10 miles yesterday. After 8 beers and a Red Sox loss, not even a bowl of Booty O's could get your old pal Uncle Buck up and at them to hit the show floor running…but like a champ I was back at the Javits ready to CBSInvade for the masses… I get in at 930 only to be denied with my 4 day badge. “I was in here 8 am yesterday with him!” Pointing to my artist brother Alex for help (Alex of course sporting the “Exhibitor” badge for Bliss on Tap). “I'm positive you weren't…” says NYCC's Jarvis to my “guy trying to sneak into the Avengers Mansion.”

30 minutes of waiting among the humanoids and I'm finally let in, dashing for exclusives and variants like a contestant on SuperMarket Sweep. I get back to moving up and down the isles. 2900…2800…2700… vendor after vendor I'm curious to see if my theory about Gold and Silver movie and TV spec being dead in favor of variant hotness is correct. And suuuure enough there's Harley Rebirth everywhere. Puddin and Dell Otto and that dumb one where she's tonguing a grenade pin. Adam Hughes splattered everywhere. 9.8s of Ms Marvel on a roof going for $600. JSC having the Black Cat lean on a Spider-Man balloon going for more. The days of sifting through Firestorm and Flash books cause someone is gonna make a visit on the next episode of a WB series or be the first guy knocked off in “Suicide Squad 2: Squad Harder” are over. For every cosplayer dressed as Power Man, there were 10-20 buyers NOT asking to see the condition of that “Hero For Hire” raw first appearance. Instead they were complaining to their girlfriends that if they pulled the trigger on this Rebirth 1:25 that would account for “half my spending money…”

Line of the Day: Stan Lee. It's like Weekend at Bernie's 2 but without the voodoo and more like the original.

No Line of the Day: Neal Adams. $30 for a sig. $50 of you want to buy a recent variant to have signed. Who are you to refuse?

Fail of the Day: There was a female CosPlayer down in the panel area wearing a Red Sonja outfit. I wanted to get you guys a pic cause that looked legit…but I had just found a seat finally to enjoy my $12 chicken fingers and fries meal. My feet hurt and they made me pour my Sam Adams into a cup. I just wanted to eat my over fried chicken and drink my Boston Lager. Forgive me.

CosPlay of the Day:


It's Harley's World, we're just trying to survive it. I mean they were everywhere today. Suicide Squad Harley. Strip Club Harley. Jailed gymnast in white Harley. Bombshells Harley. Harley and Ivy. Multiverse Harley. Slave Leia Harley. We got them all.

Okay there was this pink key girl too. Maybe she was a future Harley or something:


Next Issue: Who is…Saturday?


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    Saw the Red Sonya myself and her significant other was dressed as Conan (outfits looked nice!). Here’s to the madness of Saturday!

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    Last one is from an anime called Kill la Kill. She’s carrying half of a scissor blade. Great articles by the way. Makes me want to have at least one trip to NYCC eventually

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