Harley Quinn and some other random swipes

This week’s article will be a collection of some random swipes located in various newer titles. First, a few Harley Quinn 1 exclusives paying homage!

Harley Quinn #1 Zapp ComicsHarley Quinn 1 Zapp Comics Exclusive BATMAN ADVENTURES #12Batman Adventures 12
This shop is actually one that I frequent often. They are always getting in new back issue collections and are priced very reasonably. If you ever see their booth at a con check them out…you’re bound to find a few good deals.
Harley Quinn #1 Midtown ComicsHarley Quinn 1 Midtown Comics Exclusive Harley Quinn #1Harley Quinn 1
Looking at the two of these next to each other shows how much Harley’s look has evolved since the first series came out. Pretty cool!
Batman: Gotham Adventures #10Batman: Gotham Adventures 10 Batman: Gotham Adventures #14Batman: Gotham Adventures 14
This isn’t recent but I came across it in my research and had to put it here. I never realized these two covers were mirror images of each other!
c125438Champions 1 Dynamic Forces 35077_20060428044218_largeChampions 1
I loved this cover when I first saw it. I had to pass when I saw the price tag and realized I needed to save my money in case Simon Payne or someone else in the group decided to make another fancy shmancy secret variant to make me go broke! Keep up the good work Simon!
stk663679Wonder Woman 39 wonder_woman_vol_1_250Wonder Woman 250
Harley Quinn makes it onto another swipe. This cover was released as part of the Harley Quinn variant theme in DC’s books from a few months back.
370366_20160723184436_largeContest of Champions 10 15171_20160418165853_largeMarvel Super Hero Contest of Champions 1
Much like the Midtown variant for Harley Quinn 1, this cover also shows the evolution of many of Marvel’s characters over the years.
334869_20150429233755_largeAll-New Captain America 6 autre_253658Invaders 7
If anyone actually saw this Cap cover and knew it was a swipe pat yourself on the back. I’m including it here because it is so obscure.
369837_20160716210031_largeCivil War 1 20378_20061203070153_largeAvengers 122
Another exclusive cover. I wonder if there’s emipirical proof that cover swipes tend to sell better for exclusives. It definitely makes me buy some of them.

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