Superman Thundercats #1 Ed McGuinness Cover – January 2004

34562_20130224120822_largeGood Friday to all my CBSI Friends and Family! Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! This week I look at a one-shot, of a combo of characters, who have seen a recent rejuvenation! The combo has to do with Superman, whose Rebirth line, is IMHO one of the best reads out there, and the Thundercats, whose He-Man / Thundercats comic is a very fun read also! The comic I present is Superman Thundercats One-Shot, from January 2004, with a cover by Ed McGuinness. The comic is “ok”, with the one bright spot being that Superman takes the Eye of Thundera, and places it in the Fortress of Solitude for safe keeping. It would be very cool, if one day they did show it in a regular continuity.

The comic had a print run of approximately 25,000, but please note there was a 1:1 variant by Ale Garza. With that said, there are about 12,500 of each of these out there. I am a McGuinness fan, so that was the cover I had to get. Right now, there are a few out there, but certainly not too many. All are about at the $15-$20 range. To be completely honest, I am not sure this will ever be a huge mover, but you never know. These characters are seeing a little bit of an uptick, for the first time in a while. If you can find one, go ahead and grab them.

Happy Hunting Fellas!

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