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Hey guys,

Since I started doing these picks, the spec market has become red hot. I bet you've experienced the thrill of seeing some of your books rocket upwards in value.

The great thing about it is you probably bought those books because you thought they were just good reads or good art!

The market froth has made dollar bin diving a bit tougher though.

So let me again zag rather than zig, and provide you guys with an extra-long list of bin burners that nobody's really looking for right now but will be nice adds to your PC, and could deliver some ROI for you too.

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Carnage #10 (current)

razeSomehow, people are not talking about or grabbing up this first appearance of new Venom symbiote named Raze. Or maybe they are and I just don't know about it. Did I mention that she is a black woman in a Venom symbiote? (Note that it's not the first appearance of the character it's bonded to, Claire Dixon). Instead of the cover I've included an image of her as she first appears in the book just so you can get a sense of her. The way Marvel is going, I wouldn't put it past them to give her a bigger role in the future. And she looks pretty bad-ass, honestly. Did you also know there's no variant for this issue? No fooling around, just this book is all you need. It's okay if you missed it, you can still get it for cover at your LCS, like I did. Right now!

Honorable mentions

Justice League of America #42 1:25 variant (2006)

If there's any lesson to be gained by the renaissance enjoyed by Marvel's latest Cosplay variant covers, it's this: there is always going to be a market for good-looking women on well-done covers, especially bosomy ones. This variant cover sports three appealing figures (Starfire, Dr. Light and Donna Troy) by Adriana Melo. For a book that looks this good, I'm surprised that it only hovers in the $20-$30 range. Given it's almost 10 years old, I bet you can find it in the wild for less. It's a solid, underrated book for the PC that you can always expect to find a buyer for if you need to sadly part with it.

Wonder Woman #174

wonder-woman-174Well Adam Hughes books are heating up — Catwoman and Tomb Raider covers in particular. Gee, I wonder… oh right, my column from LAST MAY. Where I suggested you should cheaply pick up Catwoman #70 and various Tomb Raider AH! covers, and for about $100, raw NYX #3's. Including the link here, because it ain't bragging if you done it:

So what if I told you Adam Hughes did a cover with Dr. Light, Supergirl, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Power Girl, Donna Troy, Mary Marvel AND Wonder Woman, would you spend a couple of bucks on that? Yeah? You would right? Go run to your LCS fool and snatch that book up from the bin and all the other awesome Wonder Woman covers he did while you're at it, before you can't!

Guardians Team Up # 10 Gamestop variant

gamestopYou know, Francisco Mattina is a pretty hot artist nowadays. So I'm surprised this variant featuring his awesome rendition of Deadpool can be had for less than $10 even on Ebay. But there you have it. So if you missed out on his HTF Captain America cover or even the wild Batman Europa variant (which for a time spiked but now is back down to reasonable prices again) then you can scoop this up and happily own one of his better covers, IMHO.

X-Force movie poster swipe variants, various

x-force_vol_3_23_variantThese are all X-23 variants that online are commanding $20+ that are still flying under the radar of most retailers, where you can find them in bins for cover. The cool thing is that they are all swipes of movie posters, such as Lost Boys and Underworld. If you find them for cover in the wild as I have, you should pick them up. I don’t think there's much profit margin right now on these books, but it's clear at the right price they will sell and make you a little money.

The Creeper #5 (2006)

creeper-mcmanus-issue-5This is part of a six-issue mini-series done by Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night fame. It's an interesting story about how the Creeper's origin is tied to the Joker. I was struck by the cover, which is visually jarring with its colors and composition. The larger-than-life portrayal of the Joker's face is demented and grotesque here. Hold it in your hands and you'll get it right away. I also like this issue of course because it's dirt cheap. Let's see, budget friendly + Joker cover + unique art = I'll buy that for a dollar!

Daredevil Reborn #2 or #3

Adaredevil_reborn_vol_1_2side from being dirt cheap, there are two good reasons for these covers to be on this list: They are great Daredevil covers done by none other than Jock himself. And few people have them signed by Jock. I think these books offer a good sig opportunity. A lower print mini-series, just like Jock's Green Arrow covers, and arresting images done on some great color. They certainly catch the eye, so if you're looking for some examples of his work that's affordable and good, they are easy grabs.

Justice League #12 2nd print (2006)

jl12secondThis ‘widescreen variant' book is apparently very HTF. I checked my usual virtual stops and yeah, didn't find jack. Luckily, I stumbled across it in a bin though. You might have the good fortune of finding it cheap too. It's off the radars of most LCS owners, I think. Undeniably it's iconic Alex Ross art of the Justice League. You can get the first prints which side by side show the same image, but having it all together on one page gives it strength. I sense folks are going to start tracking down some of his representations of the Trinity and the Justice League as they hit the big screen all together. How much do you want to be this could provide image inspiration, just like how Suicide Squad referenced his Harley Quinn cover.

Batman & Robin Adventures #21 (1997)

bar-21First, the speculators came for Batman Adventures #12, then they moved onto all the other Harley Quinn appearances, then the Gotham Girls books, then they chased the Batgirl Special, then the nice Supergirl cover, and now, slowly but surely, they are chasing this book too. It used to be a book you could get for cover. Then it became a $10 book. Now, it's about a $20 book. Why? Well take a look at it! Classic Bruce Timm-esque art. (Artist is actually Ty Templeton). Obviously a pretty girl cover and a Batgirl cover. The solid green cover makes it easy to spot blemishes, so finding one in NM condition in the wild isn't easy. And, of course, the children's comic effect: they just aren't that plentiful, because they were meant for kids and were ignored by adult collectors. Got it. Lesson learned.

The Adventures of Spider-Man #12 (1997) / Spider-Man Adventures 10 (1994)

spider-man_adventures_vol_1_10adv-12Let's get some Venom completists hot and bothered eh? OK. Venom covers for kids from the late 90's. One happens to be the last issue in a run of Spider-Man books with a print run of just over 14,000. Put that into perspective: there were more copies printed of Aztek: The Ultimate Man that month. There were more Batman animated and X-men animated comics published than Spider-man. Good lord. Anyways, it's those pesky comics for kids that nobody was buying for their PC back in the day, and any left that weren't frankly pulped or torn up, well its slim pickings as far as NM conditions go. I wouldn't go as far as to say that these are ultra rare. But they aren't easy to find, likely relegated to dusty bins. Online you'll find they aren't plentiful. Sometimes you can find them cheap, sometimes not. How long before it's always the latter?

Bonus: Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures #16, #19 (2012)

marvel-universe_ultimate-spider-man_16marvel_universe_ultimate_spider-man_vol_1_19_solicitThese are more recent Venom issues from the Disney XD cartoons. They might still be in back issue bins at your LCS, or even on the wall in a kids comic section. These are some amazing Venom covers! You can if you're lazy find them in a couple of spots online. But only a few have them at decent prices. They are already being marked up by other sellers.


Batman Adventures #36

ba36Another kids' comic from the 90's on this list? Well, not only is it the final issue of the run, meaning that it's a little harder to find than the rest. But also, look very closely… do you see that on the cover? In the background are the covers of every issue from the run. Now, do you see  it? OK, take a look over to the left of his arm. Yup, that's Batman Adventures #12! I wonder, should this be considered an early Harley Quinn appearance? The first official reprint of BA #12? Let's let the markets decide, but make sure you get a cheap copy first!

I have more picks, but that's for my next column. Hopefully I'll have a good bin digging yarn to tell too.

Until next time, save that gem of a book from the bin with your crisp dollar!



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