NYC Comic Con 16 (UPDATED)

So NYCC has already started and here are some of the variants you will find there … This year, it feels like the line between con exclusives and store exclusives is blurring, but we will try to keep this as clean as possible.

We will probably need to update this list a bit as reports come in with information on more variants …

greenvalley01b_coverGreen Valley #1 Negan Kills Variant horizon03b_coverHorizon #3 Negan Kills Variant

ttreb_cv1_shiny_con_var_mockup_0-600x911DC Foil Exclusives

Foilicious variants for all the following comics:

All-Star Batman #1
Harley Quinn #1
Suicide Squad #1
Trinity #1
Supergirl #1
Doom Patrol #1
Batman Beyond Rebirth #1
Teen Titans Rebirth #1

black-blm-nycc-exclusive_1200px-thumb-500x773-512706Black #1 Black Lives Matter Variant
nyccbriggsBriggs Land #3 nyccchimiChimichanga: Sorrow of the World's Worst Face #1
nyccwotWorld of Tanks #1 Deadpool: Back in Black #1 NYCC16Deadpool: Back in Black #1 (it's the pink Harley equivalent print run wise of The Comic Mint's DP:BiB variants, so a recolored version with a smaller print run)
asm-19-champions-1-cx-color-setChampions #1 / Amazing Spider-Man #19 Humberto Ramos Comixposure connecting variants (available in color, b&w and negative versions)
1-14488Elasticator #1 girrionGirrion #1
henchgirl1Henchgirl #1 1-14518Henchgirl #11
1-14487Once Our Land #1 nycc-solarman-1Solarman #1
nycc-animosity-2-aftershock-szymon-kudranskiAnimosity #2 sw_01_c5_72dpiShipwreck #1 (b&w version also available)
1-14523Archie Meets Ramones 1-14524Betty & Veronica #1
1-14522Josie and the Pussycats #1

cannibal01con_coverCannibal #1


moonshine01con_coverMoonshine #1 reborn01con_coverReborn #1
aodxena2016-01-cov-g-exclu-nycc-600x900Army of Darkness / Xena #1 bettyboop01-cov-j-exclu-nycc-600x900Betty Boop #1
bobsv2-15-cov-e-exclu-nycc-600x900Bob's Burgers #15 homies01-cov-e-exclu-nycc-600x900Homies #1
nycc_001_bsusa-variant_baltazarBloodshot USA #1 nycc_002_faith-variant_bernardFaith #3

Savage #1 Retailer Edition

1293-1476033864Young Terrorists #2
s-l1600Grimm Fairy Tales: Genesis – Heroes Reborn untitledGrimm Fairy Tales 2016 Annual

Monsters Unleashed Retailer Exclusive Set

Cage #1
Jessica Jones #1
Champions #1
Death of X #1

s-l1600-1The Skeptics #1 s-l1600-2Wonder Woman #1 Gold Foil Variant
s-l1600-3Shipwreck #1 s-l1600-3Iron Fist Netflix Promo
s-l1600-4Justice League: Hunger Scare Snickers Promo


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    Buy nothing from this store also the cbsi google+ pages razz is always rigged listen to podcast before this last one best book ever been give away in a razz (amazing fantasy 15) won by one of them. No money goes to charity as well if it does I implore them to post pic of donation receipt.

    • Iñigo

      I don’t really reply to this kind of post, but here we go …

      First of all, I have been deleting your latest posts because they don’t relate to the article you posted them under.

      Second, your account has been disabled … It’s only the third one we have disabled in a year and a half. I wish we didn’t have to, but clearly this is a hobby / business people feel really passionate about and some people get really mad about whatever their perception of whatever we do is. Fair enough, but if it were me, I would probably turn my back on it and forget it ever existed. You have the time to post comment after comment trying to bait us, you probably should use that time in something useful, but whatever …

      Fact is, this is the Internet, I could tell you why you should trust us, but it wouldn’t mean anything. Trust is built in time, and anyone can see how our community is growing and how much everyone (most, I should say) appreciates what the owners and moderators of the community are doing. If this is not your thing, that’s cool too. Just don’t waste our time, please.

      The thing that bothers me the most of your rants is your accusations … Because when you accuse us of rigging razzes or keeping charity money you’re crossing a line. You don’t know us and we don’t owe you any explanations, but everything we have developed has been done with the support and the help of hundreds of people who make up our community, and you, sir, are a very small speck of dust in the universe.

      Anyone else who’s not insane and wants any information on how and why we do stuff please let us know in the forum, G+ community or by mail. Big news coming soon, the next step for CBSI is going to be amazing!!!

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    Great list! Personal favorite so far is Elasticator.

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    Thanks for the list Inigo! And for working yoir arse off and keeping us running!

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    Only thing that could make this better is if the captions included whom was selling them. Yes I know some are intuitive, but many of these are not……

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    Grabbed Reborn. Seems to be the best one if you ask me. Can’t go wrong with Capullo.

    On a side note, am I the only one that can’t access the google plus site? It says error loading community all day. I checked on iPad and PC with no luck. It only seems to work on my phone which is an Android. I thought it was the browser I was using but I checked multiple ones.

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    All Google+ pages seem to be failing to load today unless you’re logged in.

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    Really wanted an Adam Hughes Supergirl foil. Too bad….

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    Not an Adam Hughes cover for Supergirl

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    Where do you get these variants?

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    There’s also the Skeptics #1 from Black mask. Another “mostly” all black cover. 99 print run. Story looks quite interesting, but still a Black Mask book so who knows if #2 will come out.

  • Keith S.

    There is the valiant top secret Bloodshot #14 given away at the JDF signing

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