The Day After Wednesday for 10/6/16

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After Wednesday” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 10/5/16. They could still be at your shop.


Deadpool: Back in Black #1 Tyler Kirkham KRS ExclusiveDEADPOOL BACK IN BLACK #1 (OF 5) KRS KIRKHAM VARIANTS – Everyone was WAY on this book early. And for good reason, Deadpool + Venom is a no brainer. However, people forget that stores were also on this book and went big on it. There were stacks of the 1:10 Contest of Champions at each store I went to. That variant is currently $7, the 1:5 Lim variant is $4, the 1:50 Liefeld is doing $50-$60 and the 1:100 is doing about $100. The KRS variants are the big winners for this book, holding strong at $50 for each. I’m not sure what the long term potential for this book is. I expect it to peak at $80 and then settle back down to $40 by the end of the month.

Enchanted Tiki Room #1 Grandt 1:50 Orange Bird VariantENCHANTED TIKI ROOM #1 (OF 5) 1:50 GRANDT VARIANT – I called my stores asking for this over a month ago. Neither got one. It’s currently selling for $80. The other variants aren’t doing much and I don’t think there’s long term potential on this 1:50 variant. These high ratio Disney variants do tend to drop. The Haunted Mansion 1:10 Crosby variant selling for $100 was a short fluke as you can currently buy one for $20 on ebay (granted, it’s international).


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #12 Cosplay VariantUNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #12 1:15 COSPLAY VARIANT – Holding strong at the same amount it was selling for last week: $40-$45.


black_cover01-600pxBLACK #1 (BLACK MASK) – Not many copies of the regular cover have sold on ebay. However, copies that are selling range from $7-$12. The 1:5 Wood variant is doing really well at $18. The all black Baltimore variant is doing very well at $120 to $130. I’m actually surprised that his isn’t doing more. Limited to 99 copies, this book should be through the roof today. Maybe Black Mask’s previous failures in delivering on-time books are keeping people from clamoring for these.



ARMY OF DARKNESS/ XENA FOREVER AND A DAY #1 (OF 6) – Are there people itching for an AOD & Xena crossover?

ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES ONE SHOT – See above. For those of you who are Ramones & Archie fans, this one is for you!

1568109_xlBETTY BOOP #1 (DYNAMITE) – Dynamite knows what the kids want! More Betty Boop!

CAGE #1 (OF 4) – Nothing is moving. People seem to be staying away from the variants.

CANNIBAL #1 (IMAGE) – Selling steady at cover and some are hitting a little over. This is a great read and one to watch.

CHAMPIONS #1 – Folks were buying the Ross 1:100 presales at around $70. You never really know with variants like this. However, Alex Ross (arguably one of the best artists in the industry) doesn’t seem to have his variants ever retain value. The 1:00 is selling for $60. The Adams 1:50 is doing about $28. Even the 1:1000 is only selling for $450. There are currently 5 copies listed and all are mostly asking for that same price. These will be all be coming down in price. The best book to look for is the party partial sketch. It’s a book that blends in if you’re flipping through stacks. However, if you go through each one and look at the bottom, you might be able to find it at cover and quickly flip this for $25-$30.

DEATH OF HAWKMAN #1 – Come on, spoiler alert DC.

DEATH OF X #1 (OF 4) – Poor DMX, who’s going to give it to us now?

1567729_xlGIRRION #1 (SCOUT) – This is currently selling for $7. The original kickstarter cover WAS selling for $40-$50. However, it has apparently dropped to $10. What’s odd is that this book was nowhere to be seen yesterday. I don’t know a single shop around me that ordered one. Is this a sleeper? I can’t tell yet. $7 is not terrible for a new book. This is one to watch for sure.

GREEN VALLEY #1 (OF 9) (IMAGE) – This is a great read.

GRIMM FAIRY TALES ANNUAL 2016 #1 – While the standard covers aren’t doing anything, pay attention the Vader NYCC limited to 500 copies variant. It’s currently at $40. I expect that to increase.



HE MAN THUNDERCATS #1 – Awesome sauce.

HILLBILLY #1 & 2 2ND PTG (ALBATROSS) – One seller has been selling several of these together for $17. I actually think these could go for more. These didn’t hit many shops.



JESSICA JONES #1 – The 1:50 has seen sales of $40, however there are a bunch currently listed lower that aren’t moving. This will most likely come down to about $25.

LOOKERS #0 (BOUNDLESS) – Okay, first off, DO NOT search for this book while at work. This book makes Zenescope look tame. There are so many covers for this and each standard cover has a “nude” variant. The nude covers are all selling for $10 with several higher.




SHIPWRECK #1 (AFTERSHOCK) – While the 1:10 isn’t doing much right now, the Comic Mint variants are doing well. A color & b&w (limited to 50 copies) sold for $90.




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    Deadpool and Champions 1 are both gonna suffer from people going in deeep on both of them. Once the numbers come out I think you might see some growth on the high ratio variants and there should be some on the partial sketch for Champions, that one was supposed to be 1 per store only so there shouldn’t be nearly as many out there. get em cheap while you can, glad I cancelled my midtown pre-order for 3 of the Ross.

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    I used to push Black Mask as much as I push Valiant. Not only do they have more delays than any publisher I’ve seen, the high ups (not the talent) are extremely juvenile in my experience. They don’t have any complete or continuing stories, and on the spec side, look at how low WCNGH #1 and Space Riders #1 have fallen. Those used to have some serious promise. They lost all momentum, and now they are trying to make money off of the current social crisis of the country claiming they’re on the cutting edge of social issues. Sad. I’ll never touch another BM book again. Even with a 10 foot turd.

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      Just realized the negative outburst of mine above. Had a bad day yesterday and I’m probably a bit constipated. That said, that Kirkham cover is one of the best covers, and by far my favorite Venom cover I’ve seen!

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    Just an opinion. I think this article should focus in regular cover (at least it was before) There is already another section focused on variants covers. This article should inform us about what titles went good this Wednesday. But still, one of the most interesting columns.. 🙂

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    Hey, I’m buyin’ that Betty Boop! Actually, lots of good titles out this week.

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    Interesting to see how poorly the Netflix books are selling (Cage and Jessica Jones).

    Guess those shows aren’t translating into sales for those D-list characters much after all.

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      I’m a massive Cage fan, but that show is really weak. Poorly directed, and I think Coker as show runner was a bad choice. Just feels generic; definitely not the quality of JJ and DD. That said, Luke Cage Hero For Hire #1 will always be one of the most sought after Bronze books, and I think once you give Cage Rand to bounce off of, you’ll see a more dynamic show, and more interest. They really need that relationship in that universe.

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    The reason why Girrion is a dud is bc the story reads lame and the art is…horrible (IMO). I don’t care how limited your book is, or which hot publisher does your book, if it’s bad, it’s bad. Put out an awesome product and you’ll get it moved. Also I like to add, they had the original kickstarter graphic bound version $5.99 still not sold out even to the day of its release from Scout at your LCS. That could be another reason. Jimmy linguini pointed it out on his blog.

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    I was wanting to pick up the Jessica Jones 1:50, but my shop was selling it for $50! I decided paying $46 for a different cover was pretty much the definition of insanity 😉 So I just stuck with the regular.

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    HEY MATT D. I am waiting for the next article tomorrow 10/27/2016!!!!

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