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After complaining for weeks at how boring the market was looking, the gods of comicdom have finally listened to us and have given us a kick-ass week to remind all of us why we like comics … or that's the way it looks before actually reading them. October signals the beginning of Marvel's Rebirth Now 2016 initiative but the rest of the publishers want a piece of the pie too. Minimum focus on DC this week, but keep your eye on that Night of the Monster Men crossover (Rossmo's art on Batman is insane), Otto Schmidt is back on Green Lantern, a couple of new series, but this week it's mostly about Marvel ….

Harley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harleys #6 1:25 Frank Cho VariantHarley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harleys #6 1:25 Frank Cho Variant

With Frank Cho taking over variant cover duties on Harley Quinn, don't miss out on this, the third Frank Cho cover with Harley Quinn (the other ones being the #4 and #5 variants of this mini) … and it's a last issue … and a 1:25.

The Killer Inside Me #2The Killer Inside Me #2

This series seems to be doing really well. This issue is already sold out at Midtown, so expect it to heat up a bit.

Green Valley #1Green Valley #1

Max Landis on his first creator owned comic series and considering he works in Hollywood, it's fair to say that this has a lot of potential. A world with knights where nothing is what it seems sounds intriguing enough.

Moonshine #1 Frank Miller CoverMoonshine #1 Frank Miller Cover

Azzarello and Risso get together again (because why break up two people who work so well together) and they go the creator-owned route for this series. I am featuring the Frank Miller cover because it will be the one that attract casual readers.

Walking Dead #159Walking Dead #159 Arthur Adams Variant

Part 3 of 6 connecting covers Arthur Adams is doing and it's great to see him go crazy with the zombies. For a guy who's in love with monsters, he doesn't get to draw them often enough.

Spawn #266 Todd McFarlane B&W VariantSpawn #266 Todd McFarlane B&W Variant

Last issue with Erik Larsen and a crossover with Savage Dragon, the McFarlane cover is kinda funny and it has a B&W variant, which seem to be doing well in general.

All-New Wolverine #13 Arthur Adams Champions VariantAll-New Wolverine #13 Arthur Adams Champions Variant

Viv Vision is headed for great things and this is her first spotlight cover and it has classic Black Widow too in case that's not enough … and it's Arthur Adams (again).

Cage! #1 Damion Scott Run The Jewels CoverCage! #1 Damion Scott Run The Jewels Cover

This is one of those trick covers where retailers had to order more than 125% of another issue of another series in order to be able to order as many as they wanted, so some shops will have loads while others won't have any. In any case, this series has been in the plans for years now and I, for one, am really looking forward to what Tartakovsky will do with the character.

Champions #1 Arthur Adams 1:50 VariantChampions #1 Arthur Adams 1:50 Variant Champions #1 Alex Ross 1:50 VariantChampions #1 Alex Ross 1:100 Variant
 Absolutely no-brainer of a series, take a group of young and beloved multi-ethnic characters and put them in the same comic with a great creative team. This has hit written all over it.

In regards to the covers, these two seem to be the best bets when it comes to Marvel variants. I personally have a soft spot for Adams (clearly as it's the third time I mention him in the same column!!!) and this particular Captain America Annual #8 homage. According to our poll, though, it's between Artgerm's and Alex Ross'.

Deadpool: Back in Black #1 Rob Liefeld 1:100 B&W CoverDeadpool: Back in Black #1 Rob Liefeld 1:100 B&W Cover Deadpool: Back in Black #1 Tyler Kirkham KRS ExclusiveDeadpool: Back in Black #1 Tyler Kirkham KRS Exclusive
 Speaking of no-brainers, if anyone at Marvel is checking what's hot in the back-issue market, they seem to have taken their sweet time to get Venom and Deadpool together.

The couple of covers featured above seem to be the ones people are interested in. I normally don't mention store exclusives in the column, but this one has been sold out for a while and it's everything you could ask from a Deadpool / Venom cover.

Enchanted Tiki Room #1 Grandt 1:50 Orange Bird VariantEnchanted Tiki Room #1 Grandt 1:50 Orange Bird Variant

After the performance of the Haunted House variants, I had to include this one. Mostly because Disney collectors are out there and they will probably want it!

Jessica Jones #1 Alex Maleev 1:50 VariantJessica Jones #1 Alex Maleev 1:50 Variant

Alex Maleev seems to have jumped to the next level. His last Punisher cover was awesome and this Jessica Jones cover is pretty great too. Close enough to Krysten Ritter without looking like a trace. After the success of the first season, this could get a lot of people interested.

Shipwreck #1Shipwreck #1

Aftershock keep adding great talent to their publishing line. Warren Ellis and Phil Hester made me pre-order this book without reading a line of what the book was about.

Hillbilly #1 2nd PrintingHillbilly #1 2nd Printing

Strike while the iron's hot is good advice so that's why we are getting 2nd printings of both #1 and #2. If you haven't read this yet, take a look. Will it have any long-term value? Not sure.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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