Bizarro loves so few covers this week so it was easy for me to pick favorite. This is Bizarro's last article for CBSI and am so disappointed. I hope you hate reading it as much as Bizarro hate writing it.

1567268_xlShade The Changing Girl #1 Cover A

Bizarro loves cover wif girl staring back at Bizzaro. Her eyes so full of life and excitement.

1567478_xlScarlet Witch Vol 2 #11

Bizarro loves cover wif lots of gears and things all over the place. Cover make Bizarro want to pick up and read.

1562115_xlDoctor Strange Vol 4 #12 Cover B

Chick man on cover looks exciting so Bizarre must buy many copies for investment.

1585493_xlJessica Jones #1 Cover G

Cover is explosion of action an color an detail. Bizarro love it. Bizarro will send 1.0 copies of book to get grading yesterday.

1567223_xlGreen Lanterns #8 Cover B

Nothing say excitement to Bizarro like pumpkin and green glow.

1567458_xlMarvel Universe Avengers Ultron Revolution #4

Stop staring at Bizarro, you want to hug Bizarro, Bizarro kiss you green man!

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