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Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme 45

I have had a sneaking suspicion that this issue of Doctor Strange might worth speculating on for some time. It is possible that part of the upcoming film will take elements of Strange’s origin directly from this book. In this work Doctor’s Strange’s origin is retold through his astral interaction with Mistress Death. A few years ago this comic was actually rumored to be the source material for part of the Doctor Strange film. If the origin of Strange or Mistress Death were to appear in the movie then this book should become a major Doctor Strange key.


Elements directly from this comic were mentioned in this odd short video from Latin Review years ago.

In 2014 Prometheus writer, Jon Spaihts was hired by Marvel to complete the script drafted by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer mentioned above. So it seems that Spaihts was hired to polish up the original script, not rewrite it from scratch.

If the swimming accident from the comic occurs then this one is worth a look:


Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme 9 – First appearance of Donna Strange

It turns out that Sorcerer Supreme 45 gives us an extensive look into Strange’s fears, motivations and background through the introduction of new elements previously unseen in Strange’s earlier comics.

Mistress Death

When will Marvel bring Death into the mix?

To answer this we have to look at what we already know about the film’s antagonist, Kaecilius. What are his motivations and is someone or something hiding behind him either figuratively or literally? If you know anything about this obscure character you know that he’s a puppet. It’s reasonable to speculate that the entity behind Kaecilius is Dormammu, and that he is possibly under the control of Mordo. After All the Dark Dimension is rumored to be part of the film and that is Dormammu’s realm. But there’s some reason to think it could be death herself behind Mads’s eyes. Maybe he and his zealots worship her as Thanos does.

In this international clip, Kaecilius actually says, “ I am death. “

In the Marvel Prelude to Doctor Strange, Kaecilius is looking to cheat death and bring back his dead wife and son. It is his sole motivation for learning the mystical arts. In the comic Mordo identifies him and selects him as a pupil for the Ancient One. Does he do this because he and the Ancient One truly need more soldiers against dark, mystical forces? Or does Mordo see a broken man who can be manipulated so that he may achieve his own agenda?

To achieve his goal maybe Kaecilius has to interact with the living embodiment of Death herself? Mistress Death does live in an alternate dimension as Dormammu does and the eyes of the Zealot’s are also said to look that way because they have seen things no one can unsee. A zealot is devoted to a cause and will achieve it by any means. SOmetimes that means killing. WHo knows? Maybe they have actually seen Death herself.


Marvel Premiere 12

First appearance of the Book of Cagliostro

This book appears to be the source of the spell the Zealot’s are either trying to cast or have already set into motion. In the digital prelude comic from Marvel the sign on the Zealot’s head above is also the spell symbol from the Book of Cagliostro which is a secured book in the library where students of the Ancient One learn and live. This book is important because a user can travel through/manipulate time. Kaecilius hopes to do so to prevent the death of his wife and child.marvel_premiere_vol_1_12

I’m starting to sense that the plot of Doctor Strange is going to be set around death, how we deal with it and what loss can do to the soul of man. It would make sense that Doctor Strange is who he is and becomes a doctor because of the loss he faced in that swimming accident so long ago. He too wants to cheat death and the only way a mortal man can do so is by becoming a doctor. But like Kaecilius he loses his way. Just like Kaecilius who could not get past events which shaped him, Strange will be tempted and faced with the same decisions. Oh and all this discussion about time travel does seem like a pretty smart way to introduce the time stone too!


Marvel Team-Up 55

First appearance of the time gem


Recent reports have stated that Avengers 3 will indeed follow the plot of the Infinity Gauntlet.

In that series Thanos collects the gems in an effort to stamp out all life in the universe. He does this to impress Mistress Death. So far Death has not been revealed anywhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If they are going to use Thanos's obsession with death ( which is actually mentioned in the first Marvel Cinematic appearance of Thanos! ) then they probably should start laying the groundwork for her now. If this or anything like it happens then Captain Marvel 26 is going to explode. That is a fact but don’t sleep on the Sorcerer Supreme 45. It’s cheap, has Death on the cover and retells Strange’s origin possibly in ways we could see directly on film.



  • dollarbinkiller

    Thanks for the write up! Just picked up 2 #45’s, 2 #9’s, 1 MP #12 and the Team up #55. Total spent $10. I had some FeeBay bucks and only got charged for the MP #12. VF+ $10. I must of had $40 of eBay bucks… Thanks again and, looking forward to the next article.

  • Avatar

    What about the 1st appearance of Kaecillus?
    Strange Tales 130 cameo (3 silent panels) and
    Strange Tales 131 1st full appearance.
    Everybody was talking about who will Mads Mikkelsen is going to be…
    I think these silver age books are undervalued.

    • Topher

      I totally agree with you on both of those books but I like to try and bring up books people haven’t extensively discussed elsewhere. ST 130,131 have been discussed on the G+ page.

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    Good info. If the movie marvel legends toy line that just came out is all characters from the movie then dormammu will be in it he is the baf. Also enchantress and nico from runaways! I can’t see nico in the movie but who knows when it comes to the movies. I would recommend buying runaways 1 because it will hold it’s value and if she were to be announced it would definetly be the best spec considering it would at least double. But anyways it’s still a no lose situation.

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