Human Torch Comics 70th Anniversary #1 Variant – Marcos Martin July 2009

human-torch-timely-comics-70th-anniversary-variant-310761562806Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown and thank for checking back on this Happy Friday! This week I am going deep into the well and checking out a comic that has not received the love it should have! I present to you, Human Torch Comics 70th Anniversary One Shot, the 1:10 variant cover by Marcos Martin. This was released in July 2009. So why this comic? Well I will tell you, I honestly do like the very simple, yet effective cover. But that is not the reason to get this comic. The reason to get this comic now is it is the first published work by Scott Snyder…..yep, that Scott Snyder. This is a 48 page comic, with his story being the first half of the comic, while the second half is a reprint of the original Human Torch #2 comic.

Here is now the meat and potatoes of the comic! The regular print had a run of approximately 20k. Being a 1:10, you know that means there should be about 2k out there. Looking online, you can find this comic for about $10-$20, with the only problem being there are not that many out there at all. Right now, I can count on one hand all the ones I can find online. I have also never seen this comic in the wild either. This is one comic I will definitely tell you to buy. I have a feeling this one could see a lot of room to grow soon, once people catch on. Also, while you are at it, the regular cover by Adi Granov is really great also!

Happy Hunting Fellas!

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