Catwoman Vol.3 #51

patternHello fellow CBSI’ers!

First, let me explain the purpose of what you’re about to read, you’ll see it’s pretty simple. What we’ll try to do here is to ‘’follow the pattern’’ of a certain book that is doing well and try to find a tendency in order to try to guess what books could be heating up in the near future. Now let’s get to it!

Many of you who’ve heard the podcast or are lurking on feeBay lately might have noticed the increase in price of Catwoman Vol.3 #51 in the past few months. It is an iconic cover by Adam Hughes that I’m pretty sure you already knew about. Here it is in all it’s glory:


This comic was released on January 25, 2006 with a print run of 22,673. It sold as the #86 comic of that month and the #37 DC book.

Adam Hughes is a top artist and people will always be looking for his work. The print run isn’t that high either, plus we have a gorgeous Catwoman cover. Female+Hughes+Catwoman, three words that obviously will help you sell a book!

Another asset that can make this book desireable for people is the number on the board Ms. Kyle is holding. If you ever watched the TV series LOST, you’ll be able to see that these are the exact numbers used in the show. This puts Catwoman #51 not only on the comic book collector’s watchlist, but also for any die-hard fan of LOST.

This book is now closing in on the $100 mark – pretty impressive since it could been had for $50 or less one or two months ago. I really don’t think that it will go down anytime soon and I believe that it will hold its value long term, so if you can buy it for a good price, I suggest that you get one soon.

NOW! Let’s talk about Catwoman Vol.3 #74:


This book was released on December 19, 2007 with a print run of 18,612 (4,061 less than Catwoman #51). It sold as the #117 comic of that month and the #48 DC book.

Again, another great cover by Adam Hughes, depicting the female character Catwoman… seeing a pattern yet? “Yeah, but there are many other Catwoman covers done by Hughes,’’ you could say (he did a cover run from #44 to #83 for the series). I know, but look at the similarities with #51. We have Catwoman (obviously) torso and up only, wearing the same latex styled suit on both covers, but this time with the glasses and the cowl. The face is drawn beautifully and whether you like it or not, the cleavage factor is helping a lot. I would even say that this cover is a better rendition of Catwoman than #51. Why? The cover is actually of her reflection in a mirror that she is taking down that hides a safe. Catwoman breaking into a safe to get to some valuables – it doesn’t get anymore fitting! Show the cover art of #51 minus the ‘’Catwoman’’ title to a random person and ask them who they see and you’ll be surprised how many people will not know who that is. Lastly, the colors looks amazing!

This book is slowly starting to increase in value, reaching the $50 mark. A few months back, it could have been yours for no more than $10-$15. But don’t worry, unlike #51, you have more chances of finding this cover in a bin, so good luck! I really think that this comic has legs as people are now starting to look to a more affordable option to Catwoman #51.

I wouldn't be surprised if the gap between these two books will eventually start getting smaller. If you see them and the price is right, buy them and hold! Catwoman is a really strong character in the DCU and she is not going anywhere. Also, there are not a lot of her covers that are being looked for right now so your options are limited…but we never know!

In the same great Hughes run, be on the lookout for issues #46 and #70 as well. These respectively have a print run of 26,451 and 20,517 – nothing too crazy, but the real point is that #46 is an all black cover and #70 is an all red cover. Try finding those is high grade! Good luck hunting!

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    Agree with 46. It’s not as “in your face” as some of the more expensive Hughes covers, but it may be the most undervalued book left in the run.

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    The whole Catwoman Hughes run is awesome, as well as most of his other DC covers he has done over the years. CW 46 was one of the first books, to get me back into collecting after many years away from the hobby. Loved me some Michelle Pfiefer back in the day.

  • Avatar

    She looks like Audrey Hepburn in that Catwoman 74 cover.

  • Avatar

    Cool breakdown. Would love to see this article more regularly with different characters, and keep the focus non-variant. Really interesting.

  • Avatar

    I really like this article. There are a slew of great covers in that Catwoman run. I’m not sure the direction you will go with your next piece, but it would be cool to feature different artists and one of their “iconic” covers compared to another. For example, both covers you happen to have here are from Hughes. I wonder if that will be the case with the next cover you feature. Either way, it was a great read and I look forward to the next one. Great job!

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    I have been buying up these issues over the past year. Just have 1 issue 51 left after flipping a few and several 70s , your right on it being hard to find NM copies. I find many of these cat woman hughes in buck bins which I will continue to accumulate any of them. Great article ..thanks

  • JaredrBarber

    I have several of Hughes CW covers, but avoided Catwoman #51 and 74 covers. I thought they both had great potential as character images ……but although CW is an empowered lady, I just couldn’t bring myself to support the all the issues like these. ‘sigh’ I know, I know, arguments can be made, but these just simply annoyed me personally at the time because I felt that Hughes coulda made these images epic without the blatantly gratuitous cleavage reveal. Buying them just woulda made me feel like I was buying a Zenscope comic and falling for the boobie-reveal cover and like I wasn’t a grown up and instead, regressed back to being a horny teenage boy living in his parents basement. ‘pass’.
    GREAT ARTICLE THOUGH!!! No reflection on that Louis-Philippe !!!! An aces article and I’ll be thrilled to see you continuing to contribute your insights and research.

  • mrnivek

    Very good article! I went to Geek’d con in Rockford IL this Saturday and got some comics signed by the writer of Catwoman, Will Pfeifer. On his table he had a short box of some of his comics just collecting dust in his basement and selling them for $1 or 6 for $5 to get rid of them. He had a couple of the Catwoman #74 and others with AH covers that I picked up.

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